Best Beach in the Hamptons

According to many visitors and tourists the Main Beach, in East Hampton, is by far the best one. This is not only because you could spot celebrities like Helen Lee Schifter, but due to the fact that its beauty does not compare to any other. The soft sand and brisk water are beyond gorgeous. It offers plenty of space between parties and the ocean breeze is luxurious. 

Although the water is very chilly, people still like to take a dip on a scorching hot day. Right nearby are shops and restaurants for anyone that needs a break in the sun. These small businesses are very well known in the area for being some of the most unique shops in the world. The restaurants are high class and serve some of the most prestigious people in the world. There is nothing like watching the sunset on Main Beach. Grab a blanket and bring some wine as you watch the colors of the sky paint an unforgettable image. The northeastern sunsets are some of the most beautiful memories a person can have. Even Helen Lee Schifter recommends sunset watching. Whenever you might find yourself at Main Beach, make sure you stay awhile.