Best Career Certifications in 2023

Feeling stuck in your current job? While a traditional university degree can help upgrade your current role, applicable certifications are key for differentiating yourself from an ever-growing pool of talent. And there’s no shortage of options when it comes to certifications; each year, new ones emerge that meet the changing needs of employers around the world. Choosing the right certifications can make a profound difference in terms of your job outcomes.  Let’s review three booming industries (and certifications) to consider pursuing!


Incredibly diverse and fast-growing, the beauty industry is likely to continue its upward trajectory. People are joining the beauty industry for many reasons:  external market saturation, a constantly expanding customer base, and the opportunity to work independently or with established names through salons or brands are just a few! 

That said, those interested in getting on board must be up to date on the latest techniques, products, and services, and the best way to do so is by getting certified. Beauty professionals can build trust with their clients by demonstrating their knowledge and expertise. By obtaining certification, you can set yourself apart from other candidates in job interviews and demonstrate knowledge and skill that potential employers value. Additionally, beauty certifications show employers you are dedicated to continuing education, which demonstrates a commitment to excellence, plus an awareness of the latest products, technologies, and innovations within the beauty and wellness field, all of which will maximize customer satisfaction.

With the right training, a career in beauty could be highly rewarding. A great area to look into is eyelash extension technician training and The Lash Professional’s training options. With the flexibility of online classes and the hands-on guidance from live training, they offer six online lash and brow courses that can be completed in any location.


Many countries are investing more money and resources into modernizing their factories, so it is expected that the global market for products will increase significantly over the next few years. Additionally, as more countries develop their infrastructure, they will become potential consumers of manufactured goods. Add to that the country’s economic recovery, increased consumer demand, and companies investing in new technology, and the manufacturing industry is expected to see a big growth in demand! That’s why getting certified in manufacturing can give you a competitive advantage in the job market.

There are many options available in various disciplines such as safety and environmental management systems, metals surveying, welding certifications, and more. Certification programs provide the important knowledge and skills necessary for successful operations and problem-solving within the field of production, especially regarding safety standards and regulations. By completing certifications, manufacturers will be better equipped to handle materials and machines and ensure quality control throughout the process.

Moreover, certification demonstrates that you are committed to staying ahead of the curve on current trends and issues, which is vital to recruiting companies within the manufacturing industry such as TruPath. As a semiconductor and manufacturing recruiters, they know that the manufacturing industry evolves quickly with rapid technological advancements, and they’re always searching for people who can effectively meet those needs.


Driven by technological breakthroughs, aging populations, and increasing consumer demand for personalized healthcare services, the healthcare industry is projected to grow steadily in the years to come. Think it’s difficult to get a foot in the door of the healthcare industry? It all starts with certification!

To join the healthcare industry, there are many certifications available. These certifications include medical assistant certification, nurse practitioner certification, phlebotomy technician certification, nursing aide certification, and medical coding certification. If you are an aspiring obgyn, there’s a lot of preparation for obgyn boards that you need to do in order to achieve your certification. Each of these certifications will provide you with the skills necessary to join the healthcare industry and be a successful professional in this competitive field. In addition, certification signifies that you have taken extra steps in pursuing further professional development, which many employers highly value, as the professionals at OnTime Talent Solutions can tell you, thanks to their 20+ years of healthcare staffing experience. If you’re a healthcare professional looking for a medical director job, a Medical Director Retain Search Firm will take the time to understand your situation and your future goals.

2023 is an exciting time for professionals looking to enhance their skills and maximize their potential. Those who are planning to work as water damage restoration contractors may take an online IICRC WRT certification course. To stay ahead of the curve, consider investing in one of these industries if you want to change your career!