Best History Websites

With the internet seeming to be endless, it’s easy to see that there are many competing history sites. These websites were designed to serve educators and students with verified facts and even artifacts. One of the top-ranking websites in the world is This site is beautifully designed to offer direct resources for students. Even professionals like Shalom Lamm enjoy exploring it.

If someone is doing a history project then the best place to look is It gives real and updated materials on a given subject. In addition, is a highly recommended site by scientists and historians. A lot of past experiments are recorded there which is helpful to a lot of researches. Lastly,, based on the History Channel is a wonderful alternate page. It is definitely more dramatic and graphically pleasing than the other but it’s still a great resource. Many students struggle to find primary sources with research, projects, and any other inactive they might be completing. Take the advice of Shalom Lamm and see what these sites have to offer.