Will Virtual Museums Become A Reality

In the upcoming years, many historians and visitors have wondered about the future of museums. Obviously, with the pandemic becoming a pressing long term issue, many will have to figure out what to do about museums. Shalom Lamm, a historian, enjoys spending his afternoons learning about history. However, like many others, there are concerns about how museums will thrive amongst the social distancing era. 

By making a museum virtual, there will be a lot more opportunity for the museums to make some profit and also display the artifacts safely. If there are too many lights of these artifacts, it can be very damaging to the materials that bind them together. Thus, if everything was virtual, the lights could be turned off after pictures were taken. However, is this the same as seeing a monumental artifact in person? Of course not. A lot of history is very emotional, especially to Shalom Lamm, which is why it’s so important to see it in person. Most curators are hoping the virtual museum will not have to happen but of course, they know safety always comes first.