Birmingham Bail Bondsman Shares Info About Criminal Background Checks

A criminal background check seems to be an appropriate and rightful thing for employers to do when scrutinizing job seekers. It has always been a standard practice for different institutions especially law enforcement agencies and federal organizations, but it’s becoming more common in all areas. However, it is more than just a one-sided issue. While criminal background checks are commonplace and have a lot of pros, there is also a downside to them. Paul Davis, owner of Birmingham AL Bail Bonds Quick Release

Pros for Employers and Employees

Workplace Safety. This is probably the foremost reason for a criminal background check. Employers are responsible for the safety of their employees. Making sure that potential employers do not have a criminal record or criminal offenses can ensure and sustain a safe and conducive working environment. It can also bring to light any alterations in applicants’ CV in light of criminal records, and can prevent instances of illegal activity or unpredictable behavior that an applicant is trying to conceal. Also, when potential employees are filtered, adherence to the company’s codes of conduct can be ensured, especially to issues pertaining to data protection.

Reduced Liability. Thorough background checks can protect an employer against possible, future lawsuits. Through advancements in technology, it is now easier to falsify or omit information included in resumes or curriculum vitae. Obtaining a new identity and erasing the stains of one’s previous character are now made possible, even convenient. Thus, it is mostly unlikely for a criminal to reveal a record of their past lives. When an employer goes through a criminal background check, he or she is helped to make an informed decision of whether or not an applicant should be hired for the job. It can also help avoid accepting applicants who will prove to be future liabilities.

Cons for Employers and Employees

Time and Expense. Criminal background checks can cost an employer a big amount of money. An in-depth background check can cost approximately 200 dollars. This is a huge amount, especially if the employer accepts numerous applicants for a position. Completing a background check can also take time, and may affect the speed of the hiring process. Not only that, conducting such a check may pose legal risks. Companies can face litigation cases upon failure to deal with private information in a responsible manner. Employers are permitted to make background checks only to the extent that the convictions relate to the applicant’s suitability for the job. Legal fines for fraudulence and misplacement of personal data are heavy, which is why most bail agencies use a bail management software.

Errors. There is a chance of errors or omissions in an individual’s report due to inaccurate negative information that is reported against them. Despite the inaccuracies, an applicant may be put on hold for hiring, or may be denied promotion regardless of their work experience and qualifications. Such errors could prove to be incriminating to the employees.

Although criminal background checks may be a helpful tool for employers, they should be used cautiously, with careful and documented compliance. If not handled properly, it may cause unchangeable impacts, not just to the company, but also to the dignity of a person.