Body Positivity

Messages of weight loss and getting into shape are everywhere a person looks. Whether a person sees it while watching a show or movie or seeing it on a magazine cover, the message is clear that people need to be and strive to look a particular way. This message is clear that if someone doesn’t look skinny or muscular they will not be attractive. However if you live in or near PBG, then NovaGenix is the best medical clinic for you as their physicians supervise your weight loss.

In today’s age, body positivity has become a main topic of discussion; whether it be positive or negative. People of different sizes will have their own opinion on how to view their own body and other’s as well. Being body positive means having a happiness of one’s well-being which incorporates one’s physical and mental well-being. And this is where some people have an issue with being body positive, because if a person looks extremely overweight and unhealthy, how can they feel any type of happiness?

Helen Lee Schifter believes in having healthy habits which can help one’s mental wellness, priorities of which seem to be neglected everyday. She has expressed a need for education and enlightenment as early as possible while growing and developing is still happening. As with everything, health needs education for people to understand and appreciate the importance of their own health. The trick however is leading the healthy lifestyle on a day to day basis.

Comparing reality to what is being viewed, fitness and working out are on two different levels. Intensity and consistency get used interchangeably. People focus more on the intensity of a workout instead of the consistency of working out. What a lot of people don’t seem to realize is, exercise in any form can be easily added into their daily life as long as they are consistent regardless of the intensity of the exercise. A person can slowly add any type of exercise in their daily life, such as walking to work if permitted or during breaks taking a 5-10 minute stroll around the office or work area.

The second part of a healthy lifestyle is diet. An issue with a healthy diet is the misconception that one has to give up the foods they love and mainly focus on all the ones that are considered healthy. In today’s advanced world, having access to healthy Meal Kit Delivery services and the options to many different types of foods and cuisines give many people options for foods they can incorporate into their diet. As long as people take the time to monitor their foods and the intake of how much they consume they can maintain the lifestyle they desire.

Helen Lee Schifter also believes that one’s mental health ties into their physical well being. This is where having a positive viewpoint on one’s body can come into play. As long as one is taking care of themselves through diet and exercise, regardless of their size, and they feel well inside and out, they don’t have to worry about the constant messages of movies or shows or even magazines telling them how they look.