Building Your Company’s Team Activities

Whether your company works in-person, remotely, or in a hybrid work environment, company team-building activities are important to your success. Team building helps employees come together and share their unique strengths and talents to reach a common goal. 

Group activities for employees promote improving problem-solving skills, creative thinking, and communication skills. If you are looking for company team activities for your business, you’ve come to the right place. Read on for some creative ideas for your next team-building event. 

Why Put on Company Team-Building Events?

An unconnected team will never be as productive as a team that knows how to collaborate and communicate effectively. Team activities serve as a way to build teamwork skills and help employees get to know one another better. 

6 Company Team-Building Activities

We are going to share six ideas for team building to help your team collaborate and grow stronger. 

1. Visit an Escape Room

The team at tech startup, Qwick, has its employees participate in an escape room as one of its team-building challenges. This enables colleagues to work together to solve riddles and escape within the time limit. Working remotely? No worries! There are now virtual escape rooms that mimic the experience. 

2. Host a Cook-Off

There’s nothing better than a little friendly competition! TruPath recommends a cook-off for employees to bring their best dishes for others to vote on. Some ideas are a chili cook-off, a pie-making contest, and a BBQ cook-off. Employees can show off their skills and enjoy some delicious food all at one event. 

3. Have an Office Trivia Game

BestCompaniesAZ suggests hosting an office trivia party as a team-building activity for employees. Set a different theme for each round such as pop culture, history, geography, and name that tune to keep players on their toes. This allows employees to work with other team members to figure out the correct answers. 

4. Go Kayaking or Canoeing 

Going kayaking or canoeing is an excellent team activity that builds trust and communication skills. A representative from Recruiterie says, “Going kayaking or canoeing is a unique team-building activity that may get some employees out of their comfort zones.” Splitting the team into groups of two for double kayaks promotes teamwork to stay on course. 

5. Do a Virtual Murder Mystery Game

The team from Preciate, an innovative virtual meeting platform recommends a virtual murder mystery game. Solving a murder mystery helps employees bond with each other and have some fun! There are plenty of options online for virtual mystery games you can choose from to help develop team relationships. This team activity promotes critical thinking, communication, problem-solving, and collaboration.

6. Host a Shark Tank Competition

The hit TV show Shark Tank is all about pitching a million-dollar idea to a panel of judges. This is a unique team activity that can turn out to be a ton of fun. Split your employees into small teams and elect a panel of judges. Each team must come prepared with a brilliant idea for a new product and get everyone excited about it. Teams will compete to come up with and pitch the best idea to the judges. 

Use one of these team activity ideas for your next company event to build team collaboration and boost morale. You’ll see how much employees enjoy working together to solve challenges in a fun setting.