Careers With Computer Graphics 

Computer graphics opens the doors to multiple, diverse career paths. A qualification will cover areas such as project management, design theory, animation, and motion graphics, to name a few. We look at some of the fields this will gain you entry to.

Graphic Designers 

At its simplest, a graphic designer prepares the layouts and does the graphics for their client’s websites, produces company logos, and provides product designs. Some graphic designers work for magazines where they create the layout of the magazine content, images, and advertisements. Others may be employed by video game publishers to design campaigns and the requisite artwork.

Creative Directors

Creative directors have to manage people and projects. They need time management and budgeting skills. Additionally, they must develop a creative vision and ensure that the project does not stray from this. Creative directors handle concrete and abstract products. These may include brand identity, advertising campaigns, magazines, video games, and movies.

UX Designers

User experience design has gained momentum in the last decade. The career is great for designers who are strong in technology, design, and web technology. It plays a huge role in web design as companies seek to make their websites user-friendly at a whole new level. The discipline is built around how users experience the site and interact with processes, products, and services. The aim is that it should provide a seamless, pleasurable user experience. UX designers need to be skilled at flawless design and making sure that nothing jars the customer’s interaction with the website. User tests are conducted to find aspects that are not working perfectly until the result has been refined and cannot be improved upon.

UI Designers

Whereas the UX designer focuses on the customer experience, UI designers (user interface designers) are concerned with the design layout of each page and screen. Nevertheless, this is done in alignment with the approach the UX designer has laid out. The UI designer chooses where to place content, for example, what should be displayed in a dashboard. The design style must be consistent and coherent as a whole.

Production Artists

Production artists are responsible for the final phases of a design project. They will perform certain actions to improve a design, such as retouching, cropping, scaling, and repositioning, as well as making 100% certain of the accuracy of the work. This position is available in various design disciplines such as art, movies, or graphics. Production artists need to be skilled in several computer applications as well as being competent designers.

Product Developers  

Product developers are creative individuals who may work for a company or in a freelancer role. The overarching aim is to create products. Their duties entail exploring ideas for production, developing products, giving product presentations to stakeholders and their employers, drawing up rough drafts, creating packaging, designing digital marketing material, and performing industry research. The scope of a product developer’s job can be very wide and differ from one project to the next.

All of these careers require a high level of computer skills, ability with graphics software, and access to a PC designed for graphics, such as these options at Intel® Arc™ Graphics at Lenovo. You may also need to use a computer vision AI platform to help improve your efficiency in completing your projects.

A junior designer will often work alongside various specialists in computer graphics and gain experience from the exposure.