Coin Dispute Network Review: Their Incredible Method For Recovering Stolen Crypto

Coin Dispute Network

Over the years, thousands of crypto investors have fallen prey to the vices of scammers. This is partly due to the decentralization of the blockchain, which makes it very volatile and susceptible to fraudsters, making it difficult for lost or stolen funds to be recovered. In addition, law enforcement agencies are incapacitated and cannot comprehend the culprits.  

Fortunately, gone are the days when scammers could get away with stolen funds, thanks to Coin Dispute Network. The team of recovery experts at Coin Dispute Network has come to the rescue by using strategic methods to help victims of crypto theft to recover their stolen funds. They help victims in four major ways:

  • They Analyze and Locate Victim’s Funds

First, they analyze the blockchain and trace the wallet address to which the funds went. This is easier if the victim can report the issue on time. Then, it is possible to follow the money trail through blockchain explorers

They have systems that help to navigate owners of bitcoins against which they can check whose account the funds eventually landed. Conversely, if the theft is not reported early enough, it might be difficult to trace as the thieves would have ample time to transfer the assets to cold storages or tumblers to mix them up.

  • They Create a Dispute Report

To be able to apprehend crypto scammers, a formal report on the case must be made. Sadly, while it is easy to get the scammer, it is not easy to ensure that the person faces the legal consequences of their actions that the law enforcement agencies could enforce. 

When the Coin Dispute Network goes after the scammers using the information on their KYC submitted at the point of exchanging the coin for dollars, the law enforcement agency has to facilitate the arrest. This is the reason they work hand in hand with the department of police in the apprehension of the fraudsters.

  • They Leverage on a Vast Crypto Network

With a vast crypto contact and network, and as a stakeholder of the blockchain community, Coin Dispute Network can take advantage of its contacts in recovering stolen or lost crypto funds. In addition, they can analyze the history of a transaction using data analytics as well as contact vendors of the community.

  • They Monitor and Help Recover Lost Funds

Once the victim reports the case, depending on the transaction’s timing or nature, they either trace the scammer or the money. Both trails will ultimately lead to the same destination. 

It is possible to trace the scammer directly if the theft was reported early enough. They will monitor the scammer’s activities or the movement of funds. The main objective is to recover the lost funds in a short period.

The bottom line is that a victim should not feel hopeless, especially after the police have said nothing can be done. Even if the law enforcement agencies are not responsive, Coin Dispute Network is on standby and can be of large assistance to you. You can read some of their client testimonials on this Reddit thread:

They have been rescuing funds since 2013 and have rescued thousands of dollars for several victims. And as the blockchain becomes increasingly decentralized, you can still feel safe because when the thief shows up, you have who to run to.