Common Myths About New York

New York is a popular state with plenty of activities to do. However, there are many misconceptions about the state resulting in people not wanting to visit the city because of the rumors they hear. The first myth is New York is a dangerous place. This may have been true years ago, this is simply not the case anymore. New York still does have crime especially at night in neighborhood areas, just like any other city but it has since evolved over the years and now has increased policing and cameras on the street.

Rude people is another common myth about New York. There will always be that one person in the crowd no matter where you go that is not nice. However, Andrew Napolitano believes that in general people in New York are generally helpful and friendly. If you get on the subway, it’s very common to see people say excuse me and apologize for everything. Manners are very important when visiting New York and will help you fit in the crowd.

New York is so expensive if often what is thought of by those who have never visited the area. If you want to stay at a hotel in Times Square or visit expensive sites, then yes it can be expensive. However, staying at other hotels outside of Times Square can allow you to visit the city on a budget. There are many free activities to do, cheap street food, local restaurants, outlets, and discount stores allowing a tight budget to visit. It’s important to plan early for the visit and look around for cheaper hotels in order to have a budget-friendly visit.

When visiting New York, it’s more feasible to take the subway and walk compared to driving and spending money on parking. Many believe the subway is too complicated due to the multiple subway lines in the city. A map of the subway can help guide you to the correct location. If you forgot the map, grab your cell phone as there is a map online. It can be easy to make a mistake when first taking the subway, but eventually, you will get the hang of where you need to go.

Andrew Napolitano is a columnist who has appeared in many publications such as the Washington Times he has also served on the New Jersey Superior Court judge in the eighties early nineties. Napolitano absolutely loves city life and has a home in Manhattan and New Jersey. He owns a farm that produces maple syrup and loves New York City life thinking some of the nicest people in the world are located in New York. He feels people are helpful and will lend a hand when needed. Further, New York is a very safe place to live and there are police around every corner with security cameras to help increase safety in the city. He enjoys spending his time in the city and surrounding himself around nice and helpful people.