Crypto Schmypto – Lance Ippolito

Crypto Schmypto by Lance Ippolito

[Tampa, FL] With the White House issuing the first-ever framework for crypto regulation today, I’m again pondering the attraction of cryptocurrency. 

16% of my fellow Americans love crypto. I get it. It’s a rush…

As Edward Chancellor outlines in his fascinating book, Devil Take the Hindmost, we thrillseekers have risked much in the pursuit of quick gains for centuries.

I’m no different. 

That said, paint me old fashioned, but I still get a whiff of a tenuous Ponzi scheme when it comes to crypto. 

You’ve got humans seated behind computers, selling to other humans… all based on a shared belief that someone will be willing to pay more for the crypto in the future. 

And what happens as the government gets more involved? Maybe they’ll clamp down on fraud, but I’m sure the IRS and other agencies will want to know who owns what.

Doesn’t that eliminate one of the reasons to use crypto?

Governments are even creating their own central bank digital currency (CBDC), solidifying crypto’s legitimacy. China and The Bahamas are already onboard.

Nigeria, too, has issued a CBDC (there’s a new angle for those “Prince of Nigeria” emails!). Brazil and India will be next up. 

Then there are random things like the liquidity risk we could see with the Ethereum upgrade. 

Until the frameworks are in place, the risk remains too high for this admittedly degenerate trader.

For my money, I prefer the excitement of the “old school” stock market. Specifically, my passion lies in options trading. 

I’ve tried different approaches over the years. So far, my favorite is my Weekend Wiretaps strategy. 

In my first year since implementation, my track record is up over 500%. 

[These stated results are typical for a given period. Past performance is not indicative of any future results. Trade at your own risk. From 9/20/21 to 8/31/22 on live trades the win rate is 70%, the average return is 15.4% on the options over a 3-day average hold time, with a total portfolio return of +502%.]

(Get to THAT crypto fans… during those same months, the cryptocurrency lost trillions in value.)

Here’s how my strategy works: 

I take advantage of a phenomenon that happens every Friday around 3 p.m. Eastern. 

Essentially, I’m drilling down on unusual options activity on a select group of stocks with short-term option expirations. 

I issue an alert to a select group of folks with the plays… then an alert to cash out on Monday.


No fuss, no muss. 

Now of course, Weekend Wiretaps won’t always kill it. Any savvy trader knows they’ll have losers. You build that into your trading framework. 

And with overall results to the tune of 500%*, seriously… who’s complaining?  

If you’d like to learn more about my Weekend Wiretaps strategy, go right here. 

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*WealthPress LLC makes every attempt to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the performance figures we publish. To that end, we have hired a third-party, CONQUEST Investment Advisory AG (“CONQUEST”), to audit the results of individual alerts and overall performance metrics published by WealthPress about its premium trading and investing alert services. The win rate, returns and other performance metrics are based on reports provided by CONQUEST.


Lance Ippolito is an ex-hedge fund trader and entrepreneur. 

Lance Ippolito trader

He holds a degree in Finance from the University of South Florida and lives in a waterfront home near Tampa, Florida. You’ll often spot his cats – or his chickens – in his frequent videos. 

Lance’s mantra is “trade to live, don’t live to trade”. He enjoys life… be it tending his garden, taking his boat out to fish, having a night out with friends, or relaxing with a good cigar and a better whiskey. 

His trading skills, knowledge, easy-going demeanor, and sincere desire to help his readers succeed, have made Lance one of the most popular analysts at WealthPress. Put simply, Lance makes trading fun again!

That popularity and his firm belief in education and mentorship have allowed Lance to teach over 50,000 students how to trade through his WealthPress newsletters and services. Lance has been featured on Cheddar TV, CNN Business, and other media outlets for his market analysis.