Customer Experiences in the Digital World

The Online Consumer Experience

For Jonathan Osler, the right approach to the customer experience gears itself toward generation of more revenue and improving customer contact with the company. Osler is an educator, writer, and organizational leader for fundraising and communications strategy.

First and foremost in Osler’s method is a focus on the various points of contact that will be made with customers over time. Customer Relations Management is essential to instilling confidence in your company. This designation would cover anywhere that the customer interacts with representatives of a company’s brand, digital or otherwise, automated or not. This can include things like call center staff being trained and equipped to answer questions, solve problems, and give the customer a sense of ease about doing business. When customers expect that it will be easy and pleasant for them to seek out your products or services they will return, buy more of your products, and they will bring their friends to do the same. All of this spells an increase in productivity for a company’s sales staff and a boosted bottom line.

Companies who wish to increase sales should fully implement the suite of social media tools which are available in the modern market. Effectively implementing your outreach and tracking abilities over the largest pool of potential consumers in the world is vital to maximizing your ability to move products. A properly oriented, targeted outreach to a deep pool of potential business is fundamental to an increase in sales. A successful consumer operation must mobilize a plan to gain real data about what their customers have to say about their product or service and then translate that information into training in cross selling techniques and a sales staff that reflexively up sells products which their customers are more likely to want.

One other key element is the ability to make informed decisions based on the customer’s point of view. Gaining self insight into the consumer’s interaction with a business’s infrastructure will enable a company to adapt their approach to one which offers what customers want and one that changes to improve the consumer’s experience of getting what they want with the company.

According to Jonathan Osler, the successful business will help customers to feel appreciated and assure them that the business cares about them and that it will invest in making sure that they will be happy to return for further business. This means their experience ought to be customized, they should be offered a space with information tailored to their needs and their relationship to the business and the product.

One of the most effective ways of improving customer service staff’s customer information is to run surveys that answer various questions about their experience. It is invaluable to know what the customers think about the product they are buying. This will allow salespeople to sell in a more targeted way which can leave customers feeling satisfied with their purchase and willing to make more in the future. This approach will serve to maximize revenue in the long and short-term.