Customer’s First Impressions

5 Importance of a Customer’s First Impression of a Business

One of the most important elements of the company’s success is how its customers feel about them. From first impressions to the final customer service, a good impression can make or break a company. The fastest and easiest way for customers to decide whether they will do business with an establishment is through the first impression. Here is some importance of a customer’s first impression of a business.

1. Rapid Decision-Making

When customers see an establishment for the first time, they will often form opinions about the level of service and quality it can provide. With a well-maintained building and pleasant staff, customers can form a quick opinion on whether they will enter the establishment. This will allow them to decide whether to continue browsing or change their course entirely.

2. Long-lasting Impression

Customers can often decide whether to interact with or patronize a business. They may decide based solely on first impressions, but even if they don’t buy something, the impression will stick with them. This is why it’s important to have a highly effective marketing campaign that leverages first impressions. According to Dr. Jordan Sudberg, most impressions from marketing campaigns take close to two weeks to wear off. This means customers who liked a company based on their first impression will often return after the two-week period is up. You may also need to work on the appeal of your physical store. A new coat of paint, a Commercial AV Installation, and awnings can help provide a great first impression to customers.

3. Conveys Professionalism

While first impressions can make a huge decision within a short time frame, they also can convey professionalism. A business that wants to be perceived as professional will invest in providing a clean space, prompt and well-maintained staff, and easy access. For example, most shops will have signs on the door indicating what day they close and what day they open. They may have signs inside or outside the store to let customers know when their store is open, so customers are not left wondering where they should go.

4. Shows Reliability

The reliability of a business can be decided quickly. It can often be determined within the first few seconds that a customer walks into a new establishment. For example, if the lights are dim and the staff isn’t well-dressed, it will usually translate to a lack of care for the business itself. Customers will also have an opinion about whether or not the staff is reliable based on first impressions. According to pain management specialist Dr. Jordan Sudberg, research has shown that most people will be able to tell if an establishment is reliable or not within 30 seconds of entering. Businesses need to make a good impression as early as possible.

5. Makes Customers Feel Comfortable

By creating an inviting atmosphere, a business can make customers feel comfortable doing business with them. They will be more likely to purchase it if they feel happy and safe. The store must display everything a customer needs to know about their product or service. This includes product information, price tags, and clearly labeled shelves.

First impressions matter from the very outside of a building to how staff members interact with customers. If a business wants to make money through referrals and repeat business, it will have to pay attention to how its customers feel throughout their experience.