DDQ and Agio’s Cybersecurity for Hedge Funds

Hedge funds are among the most targeted organizations when it comes to identity theft. Fraudsters know that they can find priceless information when they hack systems related to these organizations. In addition to that, they know that the personal information that their customers provide can give them a lot of money once they get all the details. Therefore, one of the biggest challenges for managers of hedge funds has always been to find a way to protect data. There are many suggestions out there when it comes to cybersecurity, but few are likely to come close to what Agio offers.

Using DDQ

Most organizations in this niche relay on a variety of methods to collect information. The Due Diligence Questionnaire is a classic example of how they receive data and market their services. Therefore, the companies will be giving out these forms and hoping to collect vital information. What they do not know is that through the questionnaires, fraudsters have an easy way to obtain personal information. You will be in trouble when one of the questioners gets into the wrong hand and therefore, you cannot do without a company that provided dedicated security services.

How the data is stolen

You may choose to prepare electronic DDQs or print out hard copies to be filled by respective respondents. Regardless of the method that you want, the data is never 100 per cent secure until you find the right company to work with. For instance, electronic data will be accessed by the people who have passwords and other access information to your back office. Once they hack it and find the DDQs, they will steal information, and that will be the beginning of your most significant problems. Because of this situation, you need to talk to companies such as Agio so that they can provide you with the best protection.

About Agio

Agio is a leading service provider for managed IT and cybersecurity services. They focus on helping hedge funds to overcome problems such as phishing and intrusion. Over the years, they have mastered the best ways to come up with security systems that offer the best protection. For instance, you will notice that they have assembled a team of professionals who are experts in various aspects of IT. With such a group, you are sure that your business will be safe from all the security threats. It always feels good when you have ample time to grow your business as professionals take care of the cybersecurity issues.

When you join the Agio platform, you will receive notifications about intrusions on your data whether they are caused by DDQs or by other factors. Therefore, once you get an alert, you can always go and check where the intruder is coming from and block their activity. It ensures that every attempt is recorded so that in future, you will be able to bock them before they do anything. With Agio, you have a way of ensuring that even as you continue using DDQ to market and grow your hedge fund, you do not expose your business to identity theft.