The Top Considerations to Remember When Selecting a Partner for Your AV Hire

When you are into planning and organising an event – whether it’s a virtual one, which is more common in these times, or an in-person one – one of the most important decisions you will have to make is the audiovisual equipment you will use. What exactly do you need in terms of AV equipment and capabilities? You can only answer this based on the type of event you will be having. But choosing the best partner for your AV needs doesn’t come lightly because it can very well make or break your event. Here, then, are the top considerations you should remember when selecting the best av systems partner. 

The experience and team 

It would be best to learn about the experience of the company – and their team. In terms of experience, what kinds of events have they handled in the past? Were these events similar to the event you are planning now? Whom have they collaborated with? Can they give you references regarding their past or regular clients? It says something if they have worked with some respected names. If they have testimonials, this can help you gauge their expertise as well. Ask for examples or portfolios so you can look through them and more easily determine if they are the right fit for the event you are planning. 

When it comes to the team, here’s what you should note: is their core workforce or team in-house? When the AV hire expert has an in-house team, it’s more likely that they will have better expertise and skill, will respond more quickly, and will know exactly what they can provide you with from the start. Of course, many AV specialists will also have freelancers or partners with whom they work, but it’s also important that they have their staff because this will result in a smoother process for you and everyone else. Additionally, will they provide you with a dedicated project manager? It’s better to work with a single point of contact so you can have the best results as well. 

The equipment 

The equipment will also be essential from the get-go, so you have to consider their equipment based on your needs. Ask them about the equipment they have available and whether they own it or not. As already mentioned, not all AV specialists may have everything you need, especially if you are hosting a big event, but they should at least have a good inventory of some of the most common equipment used for events. If they have their equipment inventory, then their staff will also be well-versed with this equipment, helping you speed up the setup for your event. if you are looking tiered seating for sale then contact modular tiered seating today for a quote.

The trust and attention to detail 

Last, but not least, will the company you work with have full attention to detail and do you think you can trust them? Anyone who has ever staged or planned an event will know that attention to detail is one of the best attributes required to host and organise a world-class event. Can they provide you with visuals, quotes per item, and various options? Can they show you detailed schedules and plans from past events? Proper communication is also vital, and the company should ensure proper and quick communication and should make sure that they know all the details about your event.  

Always seek the help of experts in the world of event planning, like a company that offers corporate catering to ensure the success of your event.