Debt Collector Calls 101: Know Your Rights and Don’t Get Harassed

With Americans having 14 trillion dollars in debt, it’s not hard to believe that thousands of Americans are being harassed by debt collector calls.

Collection calls can be frustrating and even terrifying when you have no way of paying even a fraction of what these creditors are asking for. We understand and are here to help you understand what your rights are around these calls.

Continue reading this article from Doug Constable to learn the most important things you need to know about debt collectors.

You Have a Right to Not Be Harassed

Just because you owe someone money, that doesn’t mean they have the right to harass you.

Debt collectors have to be polite when talking to you about your debt, or they will get in trouble. They aren’t allowed to curse or use crude language with you, call you before 8 in the morning or 9 in the evening, threaten you or do anything that might seem like harassment.

If you think you’re being harassed by a debt collector, you may be able to sue them.

Contacting you at work is also a big no-no for debt collectors if you let them know that you’re not allowed to receive calls at work.

You Have a Right to Know the Debt Collector’s Name

Debt collectors aren’t allowed to contact you anonymously. If they are a legitimate company, they will be able to tell you the name of their company as well as their address. If you are facing big debts, consider a reading this post about how to understand debt consolidation.

Use the information they provide to look up the company and make sure they aren’t a scam that is trying to scare you into paying them money.

You Have a Right to a Written Notice

Before you pay anything, you have the right to proof of debt. The debt collector has to give you written communication about the debt within five days of trying to collect the debt.

The information should include the amount of debt and creditor name as well as other legal information making the debt legitimate.

What You Can Do

If you’re worried that you’re going to get into trouble because of defaulting on debts, there is something you can do. Once you’ve exhausted all of your resources and have done everything you can, you may want to seek protection from a debt collection lawsuit.

When a debt collector wins a lawsuit, you may experience wage garnishments, bank levies, and withholdings from any tax refunds.

Survive the Debt Collector Calls

Now that you know more about debt collector calls and the limitations debt collectors have, it’s easier to take a breath and relax. You can get back on track without being harassed while you’re rebuilding your life.

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