Document Automation Using No-Code Platforms

Document automation is a new technology that saves time and makes creating, organizing, and sending documents much easier. The process involves using document automation software to program what a document must contain (data sets, figures, charts, or graphs), which then creates empty templates that can be filled with relevant information in a few clicks. This automation means no one has to manually create, format, and send these documents, saving time and resources. But what else can document automation do? This article will explain more about document automation. 

What is Document Automation? 

Document automation is a process that creates new documents based on pre-loaded criteria and takes document creation out of human hands. The point of document automation is to automatically create new documents (invoices, bills of lading, accounting reports) whenever they are needed, without having to painstakingly fill in every detail by hand. 

Many companies have turned to document automation to improve workflows so there are no more improperly formatted, disorganized, and poorly written memos traveling between different departments. The process relies on document automation software that can also merge PDFs, split PDFs, and generate PDFs since it is the main document type used by all types of organizations. 

Another benefit of document automation is that it is adaptable to any type of organization and can easily integrate into a company’s existing document creation protocols and standard operating procedures. Document automation software also helps you edit or modify templates whenever you want to personalize documents. 

A document automation plan should look at what the software can do for a particular company’s needs. Answering why the program should be deployed, understanding its role, and setting reasonable goals for the program to achieve will help integrate the software into the company’s processes. 

Content Management 

Content management is a separate function that dedicated content management systems perform but it is not entirely different from aspects of document automation. Like a content management system, document automation software can streamline the creation of new documents and organize them into easily searchable categories. 


All business processes require some kind of record or supporting documentation for a variety of purposes. Creating all those necessary documents used to take hours and they were often not always prepared correctly, forestalling workflows and creating unnecessary delays. Document automation saves time by eliminating all those setbacks. 

Greater Security 

Having all your important documents stored in a central database is a great way to ensure they are kept safe and can be accessed easily, whenever you need them. A document automation program can help you create new, cloud-based, no-code storage platforms without having to install expensive software. Any company can adopt a document automation process and integrate it into the pre-existing methods, while also ensuring that its document creation process is kept safe and secure. 

Options of Online PDF Editor for Education

If you want to use something simpler to generate and organize your files, like an online PDF converter to help generate PDFs, add watermarks, or protect PDFs, then many options are not as costly or extensive as using a document automation program. Another important feature of any online PDF converter is the ability to merge PDFs with other files to create new, more expansive documents.