Does a Pool Add Value to a Home?

It’s a wonderful feeling to be able to dive into your own pool on a hot summer’s day. You can cool off at any time without having to live near a public pool or the beach. But, aside from the pleasure, it brings you, is it actually worth building a pool on your land. Is it going to add value to your home?

We’re talking about in-ground pools here, permanent features that can look fantastic, but that does require maintenance. You may actually install some pool heaters link the pool heaters by Globo Surf if you want.

The simple answer is yes, a pool will add value. But, that doesn’t mean it will increase the value of your home for you. Before you can decide if the pool is a worthwhile return on your investment you’ll need to consider the cost of building it before you decide to do any sort of swimming pool construction.

This means surveying the land, designing the pool, getting planning permission for pool construction, hiring a fiberglass pool builder, building the retaining walls, lining it, and adding the pumps, filters, and heaters. Don’t forget that on top of that, you’ll need a swimming pool fence and potentially a pool cover. The fence or balustrades are designed to keep children from getting into the pool unsupervised, of course, they can ruin the view from your home which is why you may want to speak to the best supplier of glass balustrades in Sydney.

Once you have a build value you can decide how that compares to the increase in value of your home. But, don’t forget there will be annual maintenance costs to keep the pool clean and heated, (if necessary).

The Increase

An in-ground pool is likely to make your home look more appealing and even make it seem more up-market than it actually is. This is good, but, the increase in value of your home is likely to be capped at 7%, or at least that the professional view of houselogic.

The bottom line is that you need to live in an area that has more expensive properties so the pool will be an expected norm, as opposed to a luxury extra. This will help it to be justifiable in increasing the value of your home. In other words, your home will be harder to sell if it doesn’t have a pool so you should get licensed and insured contractors such as Agua Construction to turn your dream pool project into a reality. You may take it one step further by adding hot tubs in your pool area.

Of course, you also need to retain a reasonable sized garden, there should be room for entertaining and a spot for children to play or you to try your hand at gardening. If there isn’t then the pool is likely to lower the appeal and value of your property.

Don’t forget that the pool must be in keeping with your own home. There is no point in building a luxury pool when your house needs to be refurbished, it won’t add the value or the appeal you need to boost the value of your home.

In short, a pool can increase the value of your home but this shouldn’t be the primary reason for undertaking this type of project. Do it because you want and will use the pool, the increase in value is simply a bonus.