Evaluating the Marketplace

Evaluating the Marketplace


In the current business world, the marketplace is rapidly changing, and every entrepreneur or professional stakeholder needs to be aware of this. The change is triggered by technology, consumer tastes and preferences, sustainable environment, among others. Therefore, regarding Alexander Djerassi, a known entrepreneur and an expert in foreign policy, there are various ways that every professional in the business world needs to be aware of in evaluating the continuously changing marketplace.

Evaluating the continuously changing marketplace

Understanding risks and benefits

According to him, an entrepreneur is well equipped to start, manage and grow the business, however small it is to a larger business. This comes with understanding the risks associated with such a business and planning how to wade through them. At the same time, a professional worker is supposed to be opportunistic in incorporating every idea and competitive advantage the business has in the marketplace.


To understand the trends and changes that occur in the market, an entrepreneur or any professional in the business world should ensure that there is flexibility in innovation that comes from new ideas. Therefore, he insists on incorporating modern technology in the business to ensure that it can catch up with any new technique or procedure throughout the production process, marketing, and consumption.

Consumer’s feedback

According to him, an entrepreneur’s goal is to meet consumer needs through goods and services offered. Therefore a business worker should always ensure that they have a way of analyzing the level of satisfaction to their customers and using this to evaluate what needs to be done in the changing market. This is the best way of analyzing the market as the feedback creates the direction of focus to satisfy the customers. If any improvement is needed, it can also be identified and taken care of.


He also insists on a managerial role and specialization in running the business. Every professional worker has their line specialization and where they are strongly equipped. This means that by having these skills and knowledge active and focused on one goal, all aspects of the business running from financial, advertisements and marketing, customer relations, analysts, among others, are well incorporated. As a result, the business can adapt, maintain and attract new clients and have all the information needed to detect changes and respond accordingly.

The role of technology

The current market trend has been the use of technology. Alexander Djerassi insists on the impact technology has on the current market. This includes easing the business operations by reducing technicalities in business operations and therefore reducing costs, and helping in being up to date in marketing and operations techniques. Therefore a professional worker should always understand the impact technology has in running the business and being up to date in the competitive world. This has well been used especially in analyzing the changes in the global market and therefore enhancing business sustainability.


Change is always inevitable in the business and therefore, it is always advisable to be flexible to it. Therefore, as a business owner or a worker in a certain company or business institution, evaluating these changes ensures the business adaptability. As a result, the continuity of the business is secure and there is an ease in reaching the goals that the business has and enhancing its growth and reaching out to more markets.