Find a Good Lawyer: How to Check a Lawyer’s Reputation

There are over 1.3 million licensed and active attorneys in America today. While some of them work in different fields, you’re still looking at dozens if not hundreds of lawyers in your area who may be able to take your case.

How, then, do you decide which lawyer is best for the job?

Selecting a lawyer goes beyond a simple online search. Don’t just pick the first attorney’s office that pops up in your search engine.

Instead, vet your lawyer before making the choice. Read on to learn how to check a lawyer’s reputation and make sure that your lawyer can deliver.

Check for Licensing 

In order to legally practice law, an attorney must go through their state’s bar association. State bar associations make their records available to the public online, which means that you can do some digging on your lawyer before you hire them.

Look up a lawyer’s status through your state bar association to find out if they’re currently licensed. This will also allow you to locate any complaints made against them, whether or not they’ve been found to violate ethical rules, and whether or not they’ve ever been disciplined. Remember that complaints from clients aren’t automatic condemnations of a lawyer while rule violations cited by the bar association should be taken more seriously. 

Inspect Their Website

Any quality lawyer will put time, effort, and financing into their branding. Creating a professional law practice requires a professional image, which includes a high-quality website.

For example, take a look at the website for Johnson Litigation, PLLC. The layout is organized and easy to navigate, displaying their practice areas, credentials, and contact information. They’ve also curated a blog with posts that demonstrate expertise by answering questions that are relevant to their potential clients’ needs.

If you open a website for an attorney and get pummeled with spam or warnings that the website may be unsafe, you may want to walk away. Even if the website is slow to load and contains outdated information, this can be a sign that this law practice is not professional. 

Look for Testimonials 

Don’t rely on credentials and branding, alone. Make sure that you look for testimonials from sources other than the lawyer’s own website.

One place to start is your own social circle. If you know anyone who has needed legal help in the recent past, talk to them about the lawyers they hired. Ask them how they felt about their lawyers’ performance and whether or not they would recommend them.

Look for reviews on third-party websites like Google or Yelp. Make sure to pay close attention to any trends in both positive and negative reviews. Getting a well-rounded look at a lawyer’s reputation can help you make an informed decision.

Learn How to Check a Lawyer’s Reputation Before You Hire

Knowing how to check a lawyer’s reputation can help you avoid making decisions that will harm your case. Make sure that you vet any lawyers you speak with before hiring them for the job.

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