Finding the Right Financial Planner

Finding the Right Financial Planner

A good financial planner (just like the ones from the link here) doesn’t just help an entrepreneur but also helps their company succeed. They know how to navigate their company’s goals and how to help us reach them.

Many business owners sometimes find it difficult to find a financial planner that is well informed on the ins and outs of their industry. An experienced financial planning professional will be able to help business owners better understand small business finance and share their expertise with them, which can save them money in the long run. Jonathan Osler San Francisco, a seasoned financial planner, and educator, discusses the importance of finding the right financial planner so that a business can flourish.

The best thing one can do as a business owner is to work with somebody knowledgeable about their business. He plays a role in helping one connect with that person, whether through referrals or his connections. The best thing is to find a business owner that one can trust, someone one can relate to, and get good information about how their business works. And then to find somebody who does not only understand the ways of finance and banking but also people’s personalities and goals. The smart financial planner will understand that a good financial plan is not just about understanding the monetary side. Still, it is also a road map to help one reach personal or business goals.

A good financial planner, according to him, is someone who can inspire confidence. As a business owner, one needs to trust the person to find new partnerships and markets for their product or service. One needs someone who will help them feel comfortable in trying new things. A good financial planner gets one excited about their business, which is important. This person should inspire them, excite them and be that friend they can trust.

Jonathan also advises entrepreneurs to look at who they choose to help them with their finances. A good Financial Advisor understands that one’s personal goals are part of the business plans. Being a financial planner is not just about understanding the nitty-gritty of one’s finances. It also can be about helping one reach their business and personal goals.

When looking for a financial planner, Jonathan suggests that one look at that person’s credentials. One will know the standard of education and training most financial planners get and the information that they have been exposed to. Entrepreneurs need to find someone who will know about the ins and outs of their industry. Look for someone acquainted with how businesses work, how business plans are created, and how a financial plan can help a business go from good to great.

Jonathan Osler San Francisco is a seasoned financial planner, educator, and author of two personal banking and financial planning books. He has worked with hundreds of SMBs and startups over the years. Jonathan, an active member of the Financial Planning Association, is also a regular speaker at conferences and events held all over the United States. He is also a founding member of NewAge Financial Planning.