5 Cities that Will Make You Want to Visit Greece

A vacation in Greece gives you the chance to see history up close and the beautiful views common in the Mediterranean. These are the top five cities in Greece that will make you want to visit right now.

Acropolis, Athens, Greece


Visit the home of Western democracy at the tourist hub of Athens. As one of the most popular places to visit in Greece, this city is full of historical monuments. You can see the famous Parthenon or Acropolis. Then stroll through the streets of the Plaka surrounding the Acropolis to find a marketplace of goods and food to buy.


Although Thessaloniki is best known for its historical roots to Aristotle and Alexander the Great, a vacation in Greece that includes Thessaloniki is a great way to enjoy a hip and eclectic scene by the beach. After visiting The Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki, check out the Ladalika district, which is filled with eclectic restaurants, nightclubs, and shopping.


When you visit Greece, make sure to go to Corfu to see a mixture of Roman and Byzantine architecture and monuments. As an island in the Ionian Sea, you can take in the sights around town and then head to the beach or check into a seaside spa.


Try Kavala for beautiful scenery and great food. Nestled between the sea and the mountains, Kavala melds older Greek culture with modern food. In the modern portion of the city, you can enjoy delicious seafood from fish taverns. Walk off your lunch on the cobble-stoned roads to see Kavala Castle.


Festivals and parades abound in Parikia on the small island of Paros that is less well-known to tourists and close to Mykonos. You can skip the large crowds and take in the view of the classic white and blue building designs, the sea, and music in the streets.

Explore the sparkling beauty of the sea, historical sites, and an eclectic mix of old and modernity with a vacation to Greece.