Flooding Tips: 101

Some areas are prone to floods, especially those close to water bodies and those in low-lands. When the water bodies exceed their limits, they break their banks as excess water tries to find its way out. Those located in low lands are affected by floods whenever there is heavy rainfall or melting of snow that cause devastating water damage. Water damage restoration companies are being called after the water goes down and the extent of the damage is revealed. You may also seek the help of an Emergency Flood Damage Cleanup company that is capable of providing the service and skills you need in order to restore your property.

However, when these weather calamities are forecasted, announcements are made to make people aware of possible floods. Here are a few ways to prepare for the floods:

 1. Before the Floods 

Instead of acting when it is too late, you can get ready early enough by:

Leaving the Area 

If your area has been mentioned to be at risk of flooding, leave as soon as you can. Find a safer place to stay until it is safe to return.

Protect Your Property

Ensure your property is elevated to the higher floors. Furniture, including that found in your exterior, should be taken inside and on the top stories to prevent rot. Disconnect all the electric appliances and place them on higher floors to avoid damage when they get into contact with water.

Navigate an area before building

If you discover an area is prone to floods, avoid building your home around the place. If you must, ensure you raise your house high enough so that water cannot pass through your home.

 2. During Floods 

Whether floods find you in your home or in a safe place, here are a few things you should do to stay safe:

Cut off Your Power Supply

When water and electricity come into contact, they can cause electrocution. Some of your electric wires may be naked, and you fail to notice them. To prevent this, call your energy supplier to cut off energy supply for that period. If you live in Illinois, for example, the Illinois energy suppliers will act fast to help you with the situation until you are ready to re-connect.

Do Not Walk in Floodwater 

The current of moving water is strong and only requires about 6 inches to knock you down. If you think you are safe to drive, you are wrong. It takes 12 inches of moving water to sweep your vehicle away. Additionally, you can fall into pits and drainage that have been covered with water.

Stay informed. Listen or watch the weather updates often to determine how safe your area is. If the weatherman warns you about possible flooding where you are, evacuate the place immediately.

 3. After Floods 

When floods have been declared over, here are a few things you should do besides flood cleaning if your house were affected:

Be cautious When Entering Buildings That Have Been Affected by Floods.  

Floods affect the quality of structures, such as their foundations and strength. So, when a little weight or movement is made, they end up collapsing. Gas leakages, growth of mold, and animals are also common. Inspect them while entering the house.

Allow Clearance

Do not be hasty to move back to your home until the authorities announce it is safe to return. Otherwise, you will risk getting soaked in floodwater.

Do Not Operate Electrical Appliances Without Help

Even if you had cut off power supply at your house, always call for a professional technician. Let them check for you how safe it is to use your electricity before switching anything on. Water may have interfered with your wiring and can cause electrocution or fire.

Take Pictures of the Damage Extent

This step is crucial because it helps in getting your insurance claims, which you will need to hire quality water damage restoration services to help you bring your house back to normal. Present them to your flood insurance provider as proof of damage to accelerate the compensation process. These pictures should include the external environment and private property that has been affected by water damage.


Are you suspecting your new environment is susceptible to floods? Stop freaking out. You can manage the condition with flood damage cleaning or water damage restoration services, if you love the place and plan to stay there for long. You could run into issues with mold as well, and likewise, mold removal services are just a call away. Take these precautionary measures and those that are provided by professional bodies in such matters for a comfortable stay.