Furniture Cleaning Tips for Homeowners with Pets

Pets are wonderful companions, but they don’t quite have the same respect for our material possessions as we do. That means sweet little Spot is a joy to cuddle with, but she doesn’t necessarily care to stay off the couch when she comes back in from rolling in the dirt. Pets have claws, teeth, fur and a lot of energy. Most owners of fur babies struggle to keep their house totally clean with a pet in the house, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible – it just requires a certain level of maintenance from a Pet Waste Cleanup service.

According to the Ann Marie blog, protecting your furniture from your pets requires having your cleaning cupboard well-stocked with professional cleaning supplies. Here are some tips for cleaning your furniture up after your pets have run around the place making a mess. You can contact upholstery cleaning Melbourne for a faster result.

out the fur

Cats like a Maine Coon, dogs, bunnies, ferrets and other furry animals leave their mark everywhere they go. From your clothes to your bedding to your couch, their fur gets embedded in absolutely everything. For the most part, pet owners have to make peace with this, but that doesn’t mean they can’t try to maintain a relatively fur-free zone, especially for special occasions.

The best way to get fur out of couches, rugs, blankets and other fabric-covered furniture is to use dampened rubber gloves. The fur will naturally stick to the material, so you can just rub your hands over your furniture until it more or less looks like you’ve picked it all up. You can also look for a strong, handheld vacuum with a flat head to suck up loose strands. Pet owners who don’t have the tenacity to clean up their furniture, trust Upholstery Cleaning Christchurch to do the work for them. You can also schedule an appointment with a company that handles medical friendly upholstery and furniture upholstery to clean up or even repair your furniture.

And as a
bonus tip from Wellington’s Fine Leather
, make
sure you always have a lint roller around for quick cleaning or patch cleaning.
They’re cheap and easy to use.

Get a good stain remover

Pets leave stains. It’s inevitable. From
tracking mud into the house to missing the litter box or doggy door to deciding
their dinner didn’t quite sit right with them, pets tend to leave a variety of
messes behind for us to pick up. And they seem to have a natural proclivity for
finding the nearest couch or carpet to leave those messes.

When your pet leaves a mess on fabric covered furniture, make sure you call to clean it up. Begin by physically removing as much of the mess as possible by picking or scooping it up. You don’t want to rub it in, as that’ll make it stain faster and make it harder to remove.

Once it’s all gone, lift the stain with a carpet cleaning product from in order to lift remaining color and odor. Use baking soda to absorb any leftover odor and moisture, then vacuum the baking soda away. It’s much better if you contact a reliable provider similar to Novasteam Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning office in Kennewick for an expert team of carpet cleaning services who can help you do the job!

expensive furniture

If you
have expensive furniture you absolutely don’t want damaged, make sure you take
steps to protect it. If you have expensive furniture that would be difficult to
protect, use covers or keep your pets out of the room. It’s not unusual for pet
owners to dictate that an animal can’t come into the front room or the master
bedroom or wherever else you may have the best furniture kept.

Don’t be afraid to use covers on all your
furniture. Sheets will protect upholstery from pet fur and scratches. You can
also apply materials that taste bad to your pets to keep them from chewing at

make wonderful companions, but they can be terrible to your furniture. Take
steps to protect your things so your sweet cat or rambunctious dog doesn’t
accidentally ruin your nice dining room set.