Great Holiday Gift Ideas For Surprising The One You Love

Each year it seems that buying holiday presents for our loved ones becomes harder and harder. As the years past, present buying becomes redundant. You may even begin to feel that you buy the same kinds of items each year for your loved ones, that is the main reason why the staff over at Fairy Glen had some great ideas, we recommend you to check out their 2020 gift guide.

This year, however, you want to do something different for a change. You need a few unique holiday gift ideas to get you on the right track to finding that ultimate present your loved one will never forget. For example, if your special someone loves to collect anime-themed toys, you can surprise him with a One Piece Figurine he’ll surely love. When you take the time to find something that they’ll treasure forever, it’ll show.

It’s time to shine this holiday season. Below are several gift ideas for your loved one during the holidays. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know.

1. Personalized Jewelry

Gifting your loved one with jewelry is a nice gesture, but gifting him or her with personalized jewelry gifts brings much more meaning to the item. You have plenty of options when it comes to selecting the right custom jewelry item for your loved one. You can even gift your loved one a body piercing jewelry that he or she will surely love, which you can get from legitimate Body Piercing Jewellery Suppliers.

For example, you can choose to create a necklace with his or her name on it. Or, consider creating one with both your names on it. You can also consider gifting them cloisonne pins with their zodiac sign on it or birthstone.

Anything that you can do to make the piece customized specifically for them is going to make it that more special.

2. Essential Oil Bracelet

If your loved one enjoys indulging in aromatherapy from time to time, then an essential oil bracelet is the perfect gift. Essential oil bracelets hold the essential oils in them by absorbing them. Then, throughout the day, the person wearing the bracelet can smell the oil when needed.

The wearer will be able to switch out different essential oils for different purposes. For example, if he or she is having a stressful day at work, he or she can put lavender oil in the bracelet to calm and soothe him or her. If he or she is suffering from a headache, peppermint oil will help ease the tension.

There are many essential oils to choose from that’ll help ease several different situations.

3. Photo Customized Gifts

Think about all of those adorable and fun pictures you’ve taken with your loved one. Where are those photos? Sure there might be a few in picture frames hanging on the wall, but the majority of them are either stored away in photo albums or saved on your phone.

Take those photos and turn them into a customized gift for your loved one. The options for customization are endless when you have photos involved. You can print a photo of the two of you on a pillow, a quit, an apron, and just about anything else you can think of.

Imagine this: every time your loved one checks their customized calendar or drinks from their personalized mug, they’ll smile.

4. Tickets to an Event

Making memories is one of the best gifts that you can ever give someone. Rather than spending money on gifts that will be used a couple of times before being forgotten about, create memories that neither of you will ever forget. Think about your loved one’s favorite sports team or a favorite hobby.

You then look around for tickets to up and coming events. Different discount sites and apps have sections where you can browse through different things to do at discounted rates. Your loved one will enjoy having an opportunity to get out of the house and experience something new or something that he or she truly enjoys doing.

Not only will you give him or her a day he or she will never forget, but you’ll give yourself that special moment as well.

5. A Day at the Spa

If your loved one has been stressed at work or stressed with the kids lately, nothing is better than a relaxing day at the spa. When booking a day at the spa for your loved one, be sure to have the entire experience planned out. This makes your gift more personalized and special than handing them a gift card.

Instead, contact the spa and ask them about the services they offer. Spas normally offer several different package options. Choose one that you believe your loved one would enjoy best such as a full body massage with a facial or even cosmetic procedures like Botox in Fort Myers.

Pick a day and time that you know your loved one will be available and set it up. Scheduling the appointment yourself also ensures that he or she makes no excuses and gets up and goes.

6. A Surprise Occasion

A surprise occasion is another awesome holiday gift idea. This special occasion can be just about anything you can think of. For example, you can book a vacation to a state he or she has never been to before, or a vacation to see a family member they haven’t seen in a while.

You can also consider booking a cruise or a stay at a nearby hotel. The special occasion doesn’t have to be anything expensive either. Plan a nice day to sit out and have a picnic or something similar.

Even a planned dinner at a favorite restaurant would be an amazing surprise for your loved one.

Surprise Your Loved One with These Holiday Gift Ideas

It’s time to give up those same old holiday gifts you’re used to buying every year. Instead, surprise your loved one with these amazing holiday gift ideas! All of these ideas are sure to show your loved one that the gift came from your heart. For more gift suggestions, you could try these out to see more unique and amazing gift options.

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