Grilling Tools and Equipment 101

It is summertime again when the outdoors is so much more fun than the indoors! One thing you can be sure that will add to your outdoor experience is a good old-fashioned barbeque. Yes! Grill masters and amateurs across the country are making their lists and checking them twice. There is also this awesome piece of kit can hot smoke, roast, grill and cold smoke if you purchase a pro q smoker Generator, and will easily cater for up to 12 people. It’s either grill, roast or smoke food, you decide.

If you need help with your list, here are some essentials for your outdoor grilling experience:

Protection for the body

When grilling, it is vital to protect yourself from any accidents that may occur. Your list of essential tools for grilling is not complete without the personal protective grill pieces.

1. Pit Mitts

If you are a grilling amateur, you will quickly find out that pit mitts are super necessary. These gloves protect your hands from the heat of the fire. Many great brands selling pit mitts also allow you to have high dexterity while wearing them. Make sure as well to prepare some Food grade gloves before chowing down.

2. The grill aprons

Many grill aprons are designed to be flame retardants, spatter, and spill proof. This piece of grill accessory is needed for protecting your body while grilling. If you can, get a leather one to complete the “grill master” look.

3. A Fire Extinguisher

The fire extinguisher is not worn on your person, but it is among the items needed for personal protection. If the fire on your grill gets too big, or if you have a blown gas tank, the fire extinguisher is your immediate aid. Be sure to familiarize yourself with using a fire extinguisher. You never know when it will come in handy.

Equipment and Tools

Grilling requires a range of tools to make the experience possible. Not all the tools are necessary, as you can still grill without some. However, the following items are essentials.

1. The Grill

A bit obvious, but your grilling experience does not begin without the grill. There are countless things to contemplate before you shop for your grill. Will you be using gas, wood, or charcoal? What other accessories will you need for your outdoor grilling space? Consider adding a pizza grilling stone, a rib rack, a hot dog roller, a grill basket, or even a potato griller to your list for a complete package.

2. The Spatula

The grilling spatula is a must-have for your barbeque pleasure. If you get one with a wide enough base, it can flip, press, and turn even the most prominent item you decide to grill.

3. The Tongs

You can label tongs the “godfather” of the grilling experience. If you buy the long-handled tongs, they help do various things- from the simple hot dogs to the heavy meats. The tongs are a good substitute for the fork because they do not pierce your food and cause you to lose the flavorful juices.

4. The Thermometer

A thermometer is not just for the doctor’s office or your medicine basket at home. It would be convenient if you had a food thermometer to check the temperature of your food while cooking. Exceptional chefs will tell you that food done at the right temperature keeps your guests coming back for more.

5. A Basting Brush

When cooking on the grill, it is crucial to keep the moisture in the food. One good way to apply whatever you use to moisten your dishes is the basting brush. Choose a long-handled one to keep as much of your skin away from the open flame as possible.

6. The Grill Brush

You can end your list of grilling essentials with a durable grill brush. The only way to grill is the healthy way! The grill brush helps you remove grease and grime from your grill at the end of a long stint. You do not want to neglect to buy a grill brush (preferably not the steel brush, as those may damage some types of grills). When food builds up on your grill, you may end up with pest problems and not to mention possible food poisoning.

Grilling is a healthy option for preparing food. It also adds a different taste to your food. It is a great way to bring friends and family together and simply a pleasure for your summer fun!