How a Data Center Can Help Idaho Businesses Save Money

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Digital security is one of the most fundamental things to take care of for your Idaho business and your customers. Yet, many companies statewide forgo the protection of a data center in a bid to save cash. 

The primary issue with this is that while businesses across Idaho have possibly implemented some security measures, they won’t always stand up to increasing threats of cybercrime and other dangers. Cybercrime has escalated in recent years, and it comes at a high cost. 

So what can you do to protect your business right now? The first step is to understand how you can benefit from a data center, and the second is to employ a third-party data center in Idaho to protect your business.

What Is a Data Center’s Primary Purpose?

A data center, in the physical sense, is typically a building that looks nondescript. It is a physical facility, and it contains critical data and applications from businesses to keep them more protected than they would be at the business’s own facility.

The technology housed inside may include the following:

  • Switches
  • Routers
  • Servers
  • Application-delivery controllers
  • Storage systems
  • Firewalls

How Can a Data Center Protect My Idaho Business?

Imagine that you open your computer on a regular Monday morning to see a flood of emails from clients. You head to the website, and it has been defaced. The next thing you notice is that your computer, personal and business, has a virus on it, and your information has been stolen. 

You have been the victim of a cybercrime. This could have been prevented if there had been a data center with multi-layers digital security and 24/7 monitoring in place. In addition, physical security such as cameras, locks, and gates are accompanied by digital security including biometric locks, firewalls, and malware protection, securing your data round the clock.

It is also not uncommon for disgruntled employees to access data after leaving a company or trying to steal data before they leave. This can be prevented with the right infrastructure in place. 

A data center has multiple technological barriers to keep out hackers, and having your data stored offsite means eliminating the threat of an employee sabotaging it. Data centers also come equipped with temperature control, ensuring that your servers never become overheated and keeping your data protected. 

How Can an Idaho Data Center Help Me Reach My Business Goals?

Aside from the security element, a data center can support the day-to-day functions of your business too. 

Here are some of the activities that a data center undertake:

  • Productivity applications 
  • Machine learning, AI, and big data
  • Enterprise resource planning and databases
  • File sharing and emails
  • Communications, collaborations, and virtual desktops

How Can a Data Center Help Me Save Money?

Your Idaho business can save money in several ways when using a data center. The first and most obvious way is that you will not be the victim of a cybercrime. This saves fines, breaches, will prevent client loss, and more. 

Additionally, switching to managed services using cloud technology will lead to a reduced hardware cost. The energy costs associated with on-site servers, hardware, and other components is a significant business cost. That part of the budget can be redistributed to a data center budget. 

A data center can also reduce the need to hire multiple IT team members, as you will have high-level support 24/7. Data centers are designed to be the most efficient way to maintain and run servers, and that efficiency leads to financial savings. 

With minimized to zero downtime, you will never miss a client or be unable to access your information. You will also remain compliant, avoiding non-compliance fees and consequences.

To top it off, at a data center, your assets are tracked and monitored, so you will get the most efficient delivery of your information, and any changes will be implemented with speed. 

Data centers can be the lifeblood of any business that wishes to protect assets, increase productivity, and reduce spend. Idaho businesses depend on efficiency and productivity to meet their customers’ needs, and data centers help them do just that while also saving money and avoiding security breaches.