How the Media Can Help

The media is very helpful in regards to branding. When someone is trying to brand their business better, the media can benefit them. For example, if someone was starting a business the first task to complete would be to make social media platforms. This helps connect with consumers on their devices daily. Ken Kurson suggests that by creating an Instagram, and Facebook for a business, it seems more reliable and professional. 

Think about all the times you went to order something online. Let’s say it was a birthday present for your mom. Well, if there were no reviews, social media platforms, or coverage on the company/product, it most likely shouldn’t be purchased. When a business brand themselves all over the media, it can help bring new business relations and developments in future endeavors.When a business posts positive customer reviews or has good return policies, the brand will grow. Creating fun and enticing graphics is also a way to use the media to gain revenue. Overall, the media has great value to brands and businesses, according to Ken Kurson. It takes weeks to prepare, but it’s a guarantee profit booster.