5 Inspiring Examples of Sustainability Initiatives in Sports

Experts estimate that the market for sustainable technology will be worth $28.9 billion by 2024.

The need for environmental consciousness has made its way into every industry and walk of life. In 2020, sport is no different.

There are many examples of sports teams like Qatar World Cup whose making their operations more eco-friendly. Sustainability initiatives can take many different forms in the world of sport.

Read on to learn about five examples of sustainability in sports.

1. NHL Green

As sporting organizations go, America’s National Hockey League is one of the best for environmental sustainability. The group’s NHL Green project, which was launched in 2010, focuses on maintaining all the different settings in which people play ice hockey, including frozen ponds and lakes in rural areas.

2. Liverpool FC

In the soccer world, Liverpool are one of the pack leaders in the Premier League when it comes to the environment. Their management team has made every effort to stamp out waste and cut out unnecessary carbon emissions.

Central to this campaign has been minimizing food waste. Because Anfield (the Liverpool stadium) has a huge capacity and hosts matches very regularly, food waste can stack up quite quickly. Wasted food is a huge carbon contributor, so this is a key area of focus.

Learn about these Liverpool sustainability goals in more detail if you want to see how sustainability in sports should be carried out.

3. The Olympic Sustainability Strategy

As the organization that is most synonymous with sports around the world, the Olympics needs to take its environmental strategy seriously. The example set by the Olympics is one followed in almost every country on the planet.

Luckily, those currently in charge of the International Olympic Commission (IOC) appear well up to the task. They have stuck to a stringent sustainability strategy since 2016, which has been reported by leading sports news channels around the globe to encourage other sports and non-sports organization to follow.

4. The San Francisco Giants Trash Scheme

The San Francisco Giants baseball outfit have attracted headlines for their novel approach to waste management. 94% of their trash goes to places other than landfill sites.

This scheme won the Giants the MLB’s annual Green Glove Award.

5. USA Triathlon’s Sustainability Efforts

Another sporting organization that has taken large steps to clean up its environmental impact is USA Triathlon. Over the course of the last two years, the body has revamped its recycling strategy and contracted their trash management to a third party provider who offers green solutions.

Executives are now targeting carbon-neutrality for those coming to and from their events. They are also eliminating paper registration and cutting down on their use of plastic at events.

Maintaining Our Environment with Sustainability Initiatives in Sports

Not every fan agrees on the best sport to follow or team to support. However, everyone can agree that increased environmental consciousness in the world of sports is a good thing. With sustainability initiatives like those listed here, everyone involved in sport can help to minimize their ecological impact.

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