How Thoughtful Gift-Giving Can Improve Your Brand

Brands should have a strong identity. It’s a basic marketing principle to want your brand to stick out in a customer’s mind. A common way to ensure this is the case is by using archetypes. Brands that follow well defined archetypes nearly double in value compared to brands without. According to Carl Jung in the 1940s, there are 12 major archetypes brands can use to define themselves. These are: outlaw, magician, hero, lover, jester, everyman, caregiver, ruler, creator, innocent, sage, or explorer.

One way to showcase the archetype (or archetypes) that best fits with your brand is through corporate gifting. Sending a thoughtful gift to customers as a thank you for doing business increases sales and customer loyalty. Memorable and meaningful corporate gifting can raise ROI by 40%.

When the gift matches the archetype, these positive effects are magnified. For example, the Lover archetype values intimacy. They value gifts that indulge the senses. One possible gift could be a nice bathrobe and matching slippers. If your brand best lines up with the Caregiver archetype, then the best gifts are homegoods. Bento boxes can help these helpers assist others. Consider your brand and your audience when deciding what gift to send.

Choosing the right gifts for your brand archetype