How to Balance Co-Parenting Roles in a Pandemic

As COVID-19 continues to ravage through the world, day to day activities have been disrupted, and with lockdowns coming back in 2021, there’s very little evidence to suggest that things will get better this year. One of the most challenging things that divorced people have encountered during this pandemic is finding the custody balance for their children. With movements restricted, it has become common for children to stay with one parent longer than required, and this has caused problems for many. So how exactly do you navigate spending time with your children in the middle of a pandemic?


Never before has the need for clear communication between divorces been so important than now. If you can still follow the custody agreement even with the restrictions, then that would be fine for either of you. But itch sporadic lockdowns and an increased chance of infection, this becomes too complicated. It is important that either party communicate well with each other. For instance, if one child is ill, then it makes more sense to stay with one parent rather than shuttle between the two and risk spreading the disease further.

Coordinate Restriction Rules

When it comes to dealing with COVID-19, there are some practices that are very effective; personal hygiene and the washing of hands regularly with sanitizers have helped keep the virus at bay for most people, read this blog to learn more about the importance of hand sanitisers. As co-parents, it would be wise to coordinate with each other on these measures so that you are on the same page.

Use the same types of sanitizers and impose the same rules so that the children understand how important it is that they stay healthy all the time. For more tips on how to get around this, visit the website to know more about the things that you can do to make co-parenting safer during this pandemic.

Restructure the House

Social distancing has been proved to be another effective way of keeping the virus as contained as possible. The practice should not be limited to external situations only but also inside the house with the possibility that the inhabitants may have interacted with other people. It is vital that everyone keeps their distance from each other as much as they can. You can demarcate your house and with everyone getting their own space and everything they need inside their own rooms to limit movements. This may force you to change how the space inside your house looks like.

For more tips on how you can change your interior to suit social distancing rules, visit and go through the many home revamping ideas that are available there.

Handling Toddlers

Where the toddlers are involved, the rules of engagement will have to be different. Toddlers are supposed to be with their mothers most of the time, and the only way the other parent can see them would be by paying them a visit. However, in the current environment, this is ill-advised and could increase the chances of the other get infected, endangering the well-being of the child. As for mothers with toddlers, dealing with the pandemic with a baby in hand is definitely a hard thing right now, and getting all the support you need is very important. Child care Glen Waverley will take care of your toddler for the hours you need for yourself. Working parents may also need to look for a reputable child care facility. To know more about how you can better handle this unique situation, visit Babylic, the home of everything related to toddlers. You may also read toddler development blogs to find helpful tips on how to raise a toddler.

Create a Compromise

If there’s a time in your lives where you have to get back together for the sake of your children, then this could be it. Moving in back together temporarily could clear half the problems divorcees are facing as far as co-parenting is concerned. Upholding the custody agreements is next to impossible in this pandemic, especially if both parents live a long distance apart. Therefore, if you can find a way to either live together or move close to each other, then the chances of the agreements being fulfilled and the children kept safe from the virus would drastically go up. You never know; you may even end up rediscovering the spark that was missing in your relationship.

Be Strict with Your Financials

Many people have lost their jobs in the past year, and most economies are still recovering from the month-long lockdowns that rocked many nations around the world. Even those that had saved up a considerable contingency fund are currently at the risk of running out of cash. As divorcees, there’s a high possibility that one parent may have lost their source of income, and this may make them unable to fulfill their obligations per the agreement. You could choose to pool resources and ensure that spending is within the limits of necessities only. This is definitely not the time for that holiday trip to Asia. The end of the pandemic is yet to be determined, and being prepared for the worst would be a wise move on your part.


It is not all gloom and doom. COVID-19 Vaccines have started rolling out, and as much as their efficacy has yet to be seen, there’s hope that somewhere down the road this year, life will be able to go back to what it used to be because of the covid-19 vaccine. In short, the challenges that everyone is going through right now are not permanent; you just have to hold out a little longer and keep yourself and the people in your life safe.