How to Choose the Right Gun Safe

There are many reasons why people are buying their own safe. Some are protecting their valuables such as jewelry or cash while some will buy a DEA compliant safe for professional use.

Buying a gun safe for your guns and gun ammunition from a gun shop is a significant investment, so you want to do everything within your power to choose the right safe. There are many gun safes out there, and most of them come with multiple accessory options and top-quality protection features. Therefore, before you buy a gun safe, you must figure out why you need it in the first place. Some people consider security features, fire resistance, storage capacity, or lock type.

Other factors to consider may include the type of firearm, the number of guns you’re storing, and the nature of the items you anticipate to protect. Ultimately, selecting the right gun safe for your firearm not only protects it from theft or fire but will also prevent your under-age children from gaining access to the gun. We have highlighted some tips to help you choose the best gun safe to suit your needs.

Consider the Size of the Gun Safe

While it makes sense to purchase a bigger safe, it’s important to note that the size of your gun safe should be based on the type and size of your gun. From handguns to rifles, AR-15 low to shotguns getting the right safe for your firearm and budget is essential. Picking a slightly bigger safe than your typical firearm is critical as some types like shotguns and rifles grow. Similarly, you may have other items besides the gun to keep in the safe. Experts recommend choosing a gun safe that is one and half times bigger than what you anticipate storing.

Choose a Secure Gun Safe

The primary goal of buying a safe like a Fire Protection Safe is to protect your gun. You need to pick a safe with an advanced door defense system. Reliable safes incorporate relockers, extra layers of steel, and hard-plate lock protection to prevent break-in attempts. Because of their top security features, electronic locks have gained massive popularity in the past few years. Furthermore, electronic locks are highly reliable and relatively cheaper to repair or replace than traditional locks in the case of an attack. Make sure you research well to find a safe that employs appropriate safety features.

Gun Safe Storage

There are several spots you can keep your valuable safe in your home. Some people keep their gun safes in a garage. If you choose this area, you need to bolt it to the floor to prevent it from moving. You also have to use a dehumidifier if you decide to keep the gun safe in an unconditioned and unheated garage. Whichever place you choose to keep your safe, make sure it’s safe, secure, and out of sight on anybody who comes to the front doors.

Apart from the garage, other people find their basements ideal and coolest out-of-sight areas to store their safes. However, it’s worth noting that even some of the top gun safe brands are not waterproof. So if there is a possibility your basement will flood, consider storing the safe in an alternative place.

Fire Protection

Notably, many gun owners overlook the importance of fire protection when shopping for a gun safe. Although most manufacturers provide fire-resistant safes, it helps check for a safe’s fire ratings before buying. Keep in mind that the fire protection ratings vary from one manufacturer to another, so ensure you research to find the longest option that suits your budget.

When figuring out the suitable fire ratings for your gun safe, you need to consider some key factors. Some of these factors include the type of items you plan to store in your gun safe and how long it will take the local fire crew to get to your home in the event of a fire. It is also important that you know something about Firearm transfers for safety and legal purposes.