The Importance of Equality

Domestic violence is a plague that affects many nations worldwide; although it affects both men and women, historically, women are the most common victims. The fight against gender-based violence has been ongoing for many years with some success, but society has not yet eradicated the problem. Even with slow progress and sometimes none at all, people are still making efforts to tackle the issue to the best of their capacity. Non-governmental organizations have been set up to provide a voice for victims of the violence, while some hospitals provide specialized care and counseling for patients treated for gender-based violence cases for free. Some television networks have actively contributed to the fight by airing content that addresses the issue and also advertising numbers to call for help if such cases arise.

In Mexico, Diego Ruiz Duran is one of the people who is spearheading the fight against gender-based violence. Professionally, he is a defense attorney with quite an impressive career that has earned him the reputation for defending his clients very passionately. In the lawyer’s opinion, his country, like many other countries, has a legal framework that respects all genders and their freedom. The problem is rooted mainly in the community where abusers violate others’ rights without regard for any legal consequences against their actions. Another contributing factor to the violence is the lack of reports from the victims to the relevant authorities, combined with the tricky legal system for those who report violent cases. An excellent example of the situation is during the Covid-19 pandemic, the number of domestic violence reports has spiked in many countries around the world, including Mexico.

The attorney approaches his defense of gender-based violence victims with deep evaluation and research, taking note of the obstructions that could affect the case during trials. He has been an advocate for reforms of the approach to gender violence cases, imploring for a more empathetic approach to women’s plight in society. Gender equality in Mexico has been a topic of concern for a while, but Diego Ruiz Duran seems determined to make the situation better. He tends to use his status and reputation to give a voice to those who have been denied due justice. Another angle to his traditional approach involves partnering with social institutions to re-integrate released convicts back to society; the goal is to create an environment that can help former convicts sustain themselves without falling back into crime.

A true leader is not measured by how much power they can acquire but instead by how they treat those who are around them. To take on the task of defending those who seem to have lost hope of getting justice is a noble act; anybody who takes on such a task and consistently maintains their promise with integrity is the embodiment of a true leader. History will reflect upon the service that such a leader provides to the community long after the leader is gone, and such a legacy will inspire others to make the world a better place.