How to create an NFT? A guide to creating non-fungible tokens

NFT tokens are a boom in the world of digital assets that have become globally known and highly sought after overnight. 

Everyone is wondering what NFTs are, where to buy NFT tokens, and how, but also why do we connect with art and collectors? 

If you have decided to learn more about tokens and how to make them, you are in the right place.

What does NFT mean?

The abbreviation NFT represents a non-fungible token, essentially meaning irreplaceable, which automatically puts NFTs in a category of their own. 

Because NFTs can be bought and sold, no two are ever the same. Each NFT is original and unique. NFT functions as a certain type of asset that has a certain value, there is a blockchain that can trade them. 

But NFT is indivisible, and what makes it so unique is that NFT can be images, videos, audio, cards, tickets, as well as various other types of assets.

Decentralization of the system as an innovation, in terms of business. This type of technology is independent, it does not have a superior structure that implements and sets its own rules. 

Computers around the world are imported, and every transaction is recorded and stored on a blockchain and transmitted simultaneously to all computers.

A guide to how to make NFT

There are a few steps you need to complete to successfully create an NFT. If you practice any kind of art professionally or as a hobby, this may be the way to make money for you.

  • Step 1:  Creative process of making artwork

Before you start with NFTs and the minting process, you will need to think about the type and kind of your future NFT project. 

The first initial phase is the creative one, where you think about options and how you want to create NFT and be innovative, original as well as unique.

  • Step 2: Digital wallet and cryptocurrency

One of the initial steps to be able to start the process of making NFTs at all is to make a digital wallet as well as add cryptocurrencies to it, if you don’t have cryptocurrencies you can exchange them on Coinbase.

  • Step 3: Choose the right NFT marketplace

Once you have created a crypto wallet, you will need to find a suitable NFT marketplace for buying and selling NFTs. 

When you create a crypto wallet, you will connect it to the selected NFT platform. There are several types of NFT marketplaces: Solana marketplace, Open Sea and Rarible. 

There is a big difference between the markets, they differ in the number of fee prices as well as in the speed of transaction processing.

  • Step 4: Connect crypto wallet with NFT marketplace

When you connect your digital wallet to the selected platform, you will go to the Create option, where you will add your NFT that can represent anything. 

Once you have uploaded your art, you can add the NFT name, and add descriptions as well as additional links.

  • Step 5: Create/Mint NFT

After clicking Create you will have your NFT created. And once you have created it you will be able to sell it in one of the NFT markets.

  • Step 6: Sell an NFT

The process is very simple when it comes to selling NFTs. Just click on Sell and put the price you want your NFT to sell for.

Now that you know all about NFTs and the process of minting an NFTs, you can easily embark on an adventure called NFT. We wish you good luck and great fun!