How To Create Quality Stories on Instagram

Any marketing strategy that does not include social networks, today, is not going to be as successful as it should be. Especially if you don’t focus some of your energy on the leader in the market: Instagram. But creating posts and stories is not sufficient. You need to make sure that you get the attention of your target, by creating better-looking ones than your competitors. Here is how.

  1. You need help

If you are a part of the new generation, chances are Instagram has no secret for you. You may even be one of those users that already have a large number of followers. However, if you are a marketing director or a company owner that was born before the days of social networking, then you may need a little help to create the best posts and stories for your company. If that is the case, go now on Mojo to find all the help you will need. 

That is the beauty of the internet: You simply have to look, and you will find everything you need to help. It goes through viewing tutorial videos, sports news, reading detailed articles, and in this case, using a mobile app. Mojo, is the perfect tool to create animated stories on Instagram, easily. The truth is, if you cannot provide viewers with professional looking posts and stories, it’s better that you don’t use it as a marketing tool. People have come to expect the very best from other individuals, and even more from a company. Therefore, using a mobile app such as Mojo, becomes a must, for all creative forces inside your company.

  1. Think Entertainment

What people are looking for, when they roam the web, is to be entertained. Therefore, information has to be provided in such a way that those reading or viewing it, will feel like they are being amused. The art of passing on a message, as if there wasn’t one, is worth a lot in today’s world. In fact, if your story is “off,” and it becomes obvious to Instagram users that you are simply trying to sell them something, they might feel put-off by it. If you don’t think you have the capacity to create such stories, you may also want to call upon the services of an advertising agency. That said, using a mobile app like Mojo will cost you a lot less.

  1. Show the Human Side of your Company

Business is not just about products and services anymore. Potential customers have so many various suppliers they can choose from, they would rather go with the one that they like best. That choice is often based on how they view the company, on a social level. You need to get involved, by unveiling that side, through your social networks. There are many ways to do so. First, show that you’re involved in various causes. The environment is an important issue for most of the younger generation (if not all). Prove that it is important to your company as well, by posting stories showing your involvement in keeping a clean planet. Also, don’t be afraid to let everyone inside the company take part in your posts. Of course, make sure there is only one person in charge, so that your marketing strategy is respected all along.