How to Deal with Imbalance Caused by Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s disease affects the part of the brain related to balance, preventing those with the condition from having full control over everyday movements. Unfortunately, this means that people with Parkinson’s disease are more prone to freezing and falling, particularly while walking or doing physical activity.

If you’re suffering from balance problems due to Parkinson’s Disease, there are a few techniques you can try to improve your balance. A combination of the right exercises and equipment can make a world of difference in increasing your confidence and preventing trips and falls. You may also install Pride Mobility Viva Power Lift Chairs or a curved stair chair lift if the patient experiences difficulty going up and down the stairs. Furthermore, there are mobility scooters that can help those who need assistance moving around the house.

Stay Active

It’s actually better to try to keep active, even though it can be frustrating at times when you’re affected by Parkinson’s Disease.

Regular exercise can have a positive impact on the brain and improve your reflexes. This can be very beneficial for those with Parkinson’s. Activities that are particularly good for balance include tai chi, boxing, dance, and ability boot camp. Find the activity that you most enjoy and you’ll be more motivated to keep it up.

Try Balance Exercises

There are a few exercises you can try that are specifically designed for those with Parkinson’s. These include exercises to improve neck flexibility, adding resistance to your core, and leg strengthening. Research some of the best balance exercises for Parkinson’s that you can try out at home or with a trainer or therapist. A licensed physical therapist can give you more ideas for exercises that will help with your balance and coordination.

Invest in Specialized Shoes or Insoles for Balance

In addition to staying active and practicing the right exercises, there are other tools that can be helpful to improve your balance right away. Specialized shoes or balance orthotics can improve walking stability in those with Parkinson’s Disease by increasing foot sensory stimulation while the wearer is walking, helping wearers to maintain better control and react more quickly.

Be Mindful of Your Movements

In order to improve your balance, try to be mindful of your movements. You can do this by walking at a regular beat. In fact, studies have shown that practicing walking while using a metronome can be advantageous to those with Parkinson’s.

You can use a device that has an electronic metronome to provide a rhythm you can follow, or alternatively, try walking to music. Speak to a therapist and find the right method for you. 

Speak to a Physical Therapist

The best way to deal with imbalance caused by Parkinson’s disease is to speak to a specialized physical therapist. They will be able to advise you on different exercises to try and useful gear and equipment such as insoles for balance. Seeking professional advice will help give you peace of mind and develop a new sense of confidence.

Often anxiety can have a negative impact on your balance, and having the right professionals on your side will also be able to help you combat this. Through a combination of best practices and equipment, you can work to maintain and improve your balance to make your daily life easier and more comfortable.