How Much Does a Medical Expert Witness Cost?

A major part of trials and court cases, a medical expert witness may be called upon to give their expert opinions on the facts of the case. Both the defense and the state can call their own expert witnesses to testify at a trial and both parties can be cross-examined by counsel or state prosecutors.

In order to eliminate hearsay and to focus only on the facts, it is vital that a qualified, certified and in some cases recognized expert witness be called since just like evidence and circumstances the validity and testimony of a witness can also be called into question, potentially damaging the case for either side. We recommend this article where they debunk myths about medical equipment and it’s health benefits.

What is an Expert Witness?

There are many reasons why you might consider calling an expert witness but for the most part, you will call an expert to testify in order to clarify, opine expertly or inform about a specific topic or subject. While most expert witnesses include medical expert witness personnel such as forensic examiners, blood spatter experts, bloodstain pattern analysis services, and coroners, people from all industries and sectors can take the stand in order to give their expert advice.

Essentially an expert witness is someone who is required to explain things to a jury or observing party that might not be common knowledge such as IP address and internet search tracing, the ballistics and physics of a vehicle driving at speed or the effects of certain poisons on the human body.  

How Much Does a Medical Expert Witness Charge?

Should You request an expert witness, there are some considerations in addition to the costs that you need to be aware of. According to a survey by SEAK Inc., many expert witnesses require an upfront retainer fee of around $2,000 and will charge extra for services that require the use of their time.

File reviews can cost between $245 and $350 per hour based on medical expertise while testimony in court can cost between $275 and $500. You should also be aware that a large number of expert witnesses will charge for a minimum number of hours and the cost of testimony in your favor might cost more in a defense situation. 

How an Expert Witness Can Help Your Case

Since all expert witnesses are sworn into court via the oath of promissory affirmation, they are bound by law to tell the full truth as they understand it under the penalty of being charged with perjury. Therefore, an expert medical witness, for example, cannot guarantee that they will give the outcome in a case that you want since they are required to answer questions from both sides honestly.

With that in mind, the burden is upon you to ensure that you are using the correct expert witness for the needs of your case as an honest expert witness can be invaluable to a developing case. An expert medical witness could appear in court in order to explain any actions that led to malpractice or injury, or they could also appear to invalidate any malpractice allegations that have been made against a client.