How to Decorate a Socially Distanced Party

Let’s party!

Now, there’s a captivating suggestion waiting to come alive. Where today’s limited social interaction is concerned, throwing a safe and socially distanced party is precisely what hearts and souls are eager to return to.


Decorating for a socially distanced party is a fun and desirable challenge. Typical social parties rarely require guests to separate themselves from each other. Here and now, creating safe distances with festive allure is the sweet spot.

The first goal is to select a wide-open space. Indoors or outdoors, properly spaced seating and flow is everything.

The second objective is to keep the number of guests to a smaller scale. This thoughtful step will be more comforting to attending guests, as well as bring attention to the intimacy desired.

The third and most joyful part of a socially distanced journey is to get creative with meaningful decorating that lets guests understand the nature of joyful concern and healthy regard. Have fun with it.

A socially distanced party is about bringing friends together in a warm and inviting union. Offering festive decorating, delicious menus and enjoyable entertainment is ideal for your socially distanced gathering. Beautiful dinnerware like these portuguese ceramics can enhance your meals, it also sets the mood for your party dining experience.


Smart party decorating begins with party supplies that spark positive vibes. Starting with the basic requirements for a socially distanced party means showing off a cohesive expression that appeal to the masses. Here are a few great examples:

Masks – Adults and children love a fun party theme. Colorful, disposable masks are a cool way to spruce up the social distancing love without compromising anyone’s good time. Use a polka dot multi colour face mask whimsy with favorite colors, or even other patterns, shapes and sizes. Mix and match, if desired. It’s all about making social distancing a wonderful experience.

Hand Fans – Want to add pizzazz to the mask-wearing experience? Lovely, pleated hand-held fans come in all kinds of exciting colors and textiles. Hand fans are handy little gems that help guests stay nice and cool on those warmer days when masks must be worn.

Serving Pieces – High quality disposable tableware is the name of the social distancing table setting game. Kicking the party up a notch or two by using premier napkins, shot glasses, paper and plastic tableware is the key to a trendy and attractive table presentation.


Socially distanced parties long for more than the norm. All it takes are a few personal touches like brightly colored balloon arches, dainty parasols, floating candles and novelty items. Everybody loves a party popper.


Never underestimate the ambiance of lighting. Indoor and outdoor lighting can actually make or break a party space.

Indoor Lights – A harshly-lit indoor space can dampen the mood to relax. Think mood-lighting using glowing strings of paper globe lights hung from wall-to-wall. Romantic votive candle holders, paper lanterns aglow with battery-operated candles or warmly lit scented water candles lure guests into harmony and relaxation. You should check out this great candle guide in the UK, as it’s a great way to find the nicest candles online.

Kids love glimmering glow sticks, marquee LED character lights, fun and flirty ribbon lights draped across snack areas.

Outdoor Lights – Outdoor lights add an element of anticipation and enjoyment. Little sparkles of stringed lights offer an easiness to the atmosphere. Add to trees, bushes, lanterns or anywhere flickers of hope and happiness may be found.

Sky Lanterns – For a grander, more sophisticated ambient approach add sky lanterns that will not only romanticize, but add the whimsy and extra touch a successful socially distanced party need.

Decorating for a socially distanced party is a great way to bring back joyful memories. Whether picnic tables or formal rentals make sense it’s all about enjoyment between friends and family.