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Whether you run your business from home or an office space, a binding machine is something you should not compromise on. Let’s get into the reasons why:

Prepare documents by yourself completely

Binding equipment will bring greater convenience into your work life. You no longer have to shell out extra funds to pay someone else to bind your documents for you, when you can get it done yourself. Going through this can be stressful, especially when you’re pressed for time and have an urgent presentation. Every moment here counts. Maximise your time and that of your workers when you get an in-house binding machine.

Saves Money

With your own binding equipment, you get to save funds that would otherwise have been spent at the local print shop.

Quality of binding

There are several types of binding equipment, and not all of them may be suitable for the kinds of documents you handle. Here are some of them and what they are suitable for:

  1. Comb Binding Machine – used for trade paperbacks and hardcover books
  2. Thermal Binding Machine – used for binding novels, annual reports, corporate results, brochures, and manuals.
  3. Wire Binding Machine – used for binding calendars, journals, recipe books, and manuals.

You have little control over what kind of binding equipment your local printshop might use. Its always better to buy your own binding machine, which is suited for what you do.

Preparing Internal and External Business Plans

Any good private company knows to always have a business plan handy. When you have to pitch to internal stakeholders about a new market opportunity or new product, a business plan will come in handy. When you have to borrow money, seek for external financing, or get new investors on board, a business plan will come in handy.  A binding machine will be vital in putting your plans together in an elegant form to convince those you’re pitching to.

Protects your work

Imagine your novels or textbooks without a binded cover. If they were just stapled pages, chances are that books wouldn’t last more than a few weeks or months at best. With binding, your work stays organised and protected for longer.

Ensures documents look good

First impressions matter, even when working with documents. A document that is bound looks professional, and gives a good impression about yourself and your organisation. 

Preparing Tax Returns

A lot of paperwork goes into preparing tax returns, and it can get confusing and messy sometimes. But with binding equipment, you can keep all these records organised and sorted for whenever you need them.

Preparing your Company Handbook

Every company should have a handbook that informs workers of the modus operandi in the organisation. As you expand and continually recruit, you will need more copies of the handbook. With your own binding equipment on standby, you can prepare and issue it as you onboard new members of staff, without delay.


Now that you know several benefits of owning your binding equipment, rest assured you can get the best quality binding machines from Renz Australia.