How to Find Gifts for People Who Want Nothing: 7 Timeless Ideas

Over 91% of Americans always find themselves buying gifts at the last minute. The majority of these last-minute shoppers attribute that to indecisiveness.

Although buying gifts for people can sometimes be an easy task, we want to make sure that the one on the receiving end feels special. Why not check out these EZ Custom Gifts sign here for your best preferences? It is the best way to tell someone that they are on your mind. Therefore, you can’t afford to take chances. And if the person you’re about to buy gifts love to have vintage limoges porcelain collectibles, then you may want to see all Limoges boxes here to pick the best one!

Gift shopping without a plan can be frustrating. Better check out The 12 best thank you gifts for friends, family, and colleagues shop here for the best gift options! Learn how to find gifts for people who want nothing with these seven timeless gift ideas. If you’re planning to give away corporate gifts to your clients, you should make sure that the items you choose are functional and appealing.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Gift

Although it is the thought that counts, ensure that you get the appropriate gift for someone. It is a no brainer that you wouldn’t get your colleague the same gift you’d get your lover. Here are a few factors to consider.


Our interests tend to shift as we grow older. Consider your recipient’s age and get a gift that aligns to their age bracket.


You have to ensure that your gift is within the constraints of the event in question. For instance, a wedding gift would be different from a graduation gift.


What message do you want to convey to your gift’s recipient? Get a gift that sends that message even before you utter a word.


In some cases, we gift our loved ones for fun. It would be best if you surprised them with something they have never seen before. You can even get them novelty gifts, such as weird collections from your vacation.


It would be very flattering if you got someone a gift they can make use of quite often. However, while at it, ensure that you don’t end up in debt trying to get someone a gift. Explore affordable options such as useful irish gifts found online.

Wish List

Determining what someone wishes for is no easy feat. Sometimes, they might give you quite vague hints, leaving you in doubt of what they need.

Even worse, we all know someone who we feel has everything they need. However, these people deserve gifts too. Either way, there is always something for everyone. If music box is on their wish list, you may look up music box information online to help you find one that’s perfect for your friend.

Tips on Buying Gifts for People Who Have it All

If you can’t figure out what to gift someone because they don’t want or need anything, check out these seven tips that will make the gift buying process more manageable.

1. Quality Time

Time has always been priceless, and it will always be. Even though you feel like you see them quite too often, create time specifically for them. The date will mean more than any physical gift you would have gotten.

It doesn’t have to be a classic coffee date. Play around with ideas — a movie date, afternoon stroll in the park, or a lunch date. Even a chat or call over the phone can do the magic. You can also pop in for a massage together.

When spending time with them, you can help them run errands.

2. Send Flowers

Don’t you think your special someone would like getting flowers at work? I bet you would too. Consult your local florist to get a simple floral arrangement. You can also use an eco-friendly flower delivery website.

Better still, you can use the websites to make regular deliveries from time to time, straight from the firm.

 3. A Gift Card

Some people might be for the opinion that a gift card is quite impersonal. However, it is an ideal gift idea, especially for someone avoiding clutter.

To make the card do the trick, customize it according to your recipient. You can get a card listing music, games, or even educational workshops. People who buy and sell gift cards can guide you accordingly.

4. Help Them Achieve More

Many people have always wanted to take an extra class. Be it dance, photography, or a cooking class — an additional skill never hurts.

If your loved one doesn’t seem to need anything, they could appreciate an additional skill. As a gift, pay for these lessons.

You probably know someone who is trying to venture into a new business. Do they have a domain name yet? If no, you have an opportunity to get them a perfect gift — a domain name. Buy one and transfer ownership to their email account as a way of appreciating them.

5. The Power of Books

Gone are the days when literature only existed on scripts. E-books come in handy when you want to gift a minimalist friend. Fortunately, there are so many topics to choose from.

You can even get them an audiobook if you figure out what is an audiobook they’d like to listen to. From the comfort of their home, they can enjoy the beautiful work of written art.

However, here is the twist. If your recipient does not have a device to read the books on, then your efforts will be entirely irrelevant. In that case, you can get them the equipment, loaded with an entire collection of books.

If you’re not quite sure they will enjoy reading, you can create a digital photo book for them. It is easy to make, and it is sentimental at the same time.

6. Delicious Meals

There are so many variations when gifting someone with food. On top of your mind could be hosting them for dinner at your place. It is even better if they enjoy cooking since you can bond while preparing the food.

If hosting someone feels common, take them for a meal out. It could be a perfect opportunity to try a new restaurant in town.

Alternatively, you can send them on a food tour. Let them tour a chocolate factory or pizza. You can as well take them for a wine tasting event.

7. Make a Donation

If your friend is a philanthropist, donating to their favorite charity would mean so much to them. Better still, you can accompany them to a volunteering project. You can also shop to provide cancer support and give them the item/s you bought as gifts.


Gift giving is among the best ways to strengthen any relationship. Buying gifts for people is also self-gratifying. Don’t hesitate to use rewards as an expression of love or pass any message.

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