How to Get Rid of a Bad Habit

Most people have a least one bad habit. While it may not be a good thing a bad habit can be hard to break. Judge Napolitano believes that it is possible to break a bad habit and make some changes. Napolitano believes that if a person stops this habit for 2 weeks it will no longer be a habit and it can be broken. After two weeks a person will develop some replacement behaviors and they will no longer rely on their bad habit. They will be able to break free from it. These are some tips to help stop the bad habit within this two week time frame.

Plan for Change

To make a change and develop a new habit there should be a plan in place. The old habit is hard to break and something that has become part of a routine. It will take willpower to break it but it will also make a plan and some strategies. When doing this it is important to have a plan for when the cravings come and replacement behaviors for the bad habit.

Avoid Cold Turkey

People have tried to stop doing something that is a bad habit all at once. They do not try to cut down but stop suddenly. For all that have tried this measure, it does not work. A person may find themselves struggling by the end of the first day. A person should try to reduce the habit by a little more each day. Judge Napolitano believes this will allow them to see progress and they will want to continue with this behavior. By the end of the time, a person will not need to rely on their habit any longer.

Learn the Habit Loop

People that have tried to kick the habits before may have been caught in a loop. If a person is looking to make changes they should look at the motivation behind the habit. For some people, it may be to handle stress. Others may do it because they are nervous. Understanding the motivation behind the habit will allow a person to make changes. They will be able to find other skills and they will have a chance to get rid of the habit for good.


A person should look at the time of the day the habit happens and if there is a specific trigger before the behavior. There is the trigger and then the habit is the reward. A person may feel good. They need to look at the trigger and other things they can do to get the same reward. It can be mental. Understanding this will help stop the habit.

These are some things that a person can do to break a bad habit. Everyone has a habit and some of them are bad for health or safety. It is important to find ways to stop the habit and within two weeks a person will no longer rely on these actions.