How to Hire Gen Z

Hiring managers, more than ever, are having a hard time finding adequate workers to fill positions. A large contributor to this issue is the cultural differences between past generations and Gen Z. 74% of hiring managers say Gen Z is the single hardest generation to work with. This is a problem when 30% of the workforce will consist of Gen Z by 2030. Let’s explore how to hire Gen Z below.

So what can hiring managers do to try to alleviate such an issue? To put it simply, employers must approach Gen Z on their level. Gen Z, more than past generations, appreciate a few key values and approaches that any hiring manager could utilize. While much of Gen Z find themselves leaving positions quickly, for most that wasn’t their intention. In other words, Gen Z feels they’re not getting what they need to be satisfied.

So what does Gen Z like? Clear expectations, transparency, cooperation/respect, and genuine connections. These can be somewhat broad terms so here are some examples to highlight. Employers that aren’t clear with their salaries, benefits, or what’s expected of employees tend to be disliked by Gen Z. Instead employers who talk directly to their employees and value them as people tend to be seen more favorably. 

This is true throughout the entire hiring process. Gen Z expects employers to get back to them quickly, directly, and with compassion. A job may not have good prospects for having a strong work-life balance, but expressing that is what is important. An employer may want to keep their role as a superior clear, but there should still be respect. These are the types of things members of Gen Z are looking for. They’re also things any hiring manager can consider and take advantage of.
Of course, all the examples are general in nature. Each and every employee will be different, but it’s important to consider broad social trends. Gen Z saw more layoffs in COVID than any other generation. Many are looking for work to this day, meaning hiring a member of Gen Z may not be intensely challenging. The real challenge comes in keeping these employees across years and as productive tools. Gen Z isn’t going anywhere, so it’s essential to learn to hire those within the generation.

What You Need To Recruit And Retain Gen Z
Source: Abode HR