How to Hire the Right Entertainer for your Corporate Event

Organizing an outstanding event starts with great entertainment. Not only do you have to choose an event venue and a menu, but you must also select a good entertainer who works to bring the event together, and make sure the right gear and equipment is place. Your entertainer will probably need a microphone and speaker setup to attract people from afar, as well as an event tent with anything you might want on display. As you can imagine, a fully equipped tent with the proper branding on display will make the everything look much more professional and established than just a person standing next to a speaker on his own. It is only right that you have the criteria to choose a great performer. In this article, we provide you with tips that you can use when hiring an entertainer.

1. Type of event

Determine the type of event that you are organizing. An award ceremony warrants different managing skills from a cultural event or the end of the year party. The kind of entertainment you select must fit into the type of event that you hold. You can choose a small band for background music. Alternatively, you can hire a top artist to entertain your guests. You can even consider game rentals for corporate events.

2. Be mindful of your guests

In case you host a corporate event, you might invite guests from different companies or even your stakeholders. Choose an entertainer who will not only resonate with your employees but also the entire audience. Let them play music or make jokes that everyone enjoys.

3. Do your research

Before you book a performer, establish whether they have done other corporate events. Contact the company in question and determine whether they did a great job in their event. Doing your research can save you from being humiliated if the band or performer is terrible. Do not get a reference from your club. What is considered good music in a club can not be good quality for a corporate event.

4. Choose a suitable venue

It is critical to establish whether the entertainer will fit into the space you have for the event. Some performers might require an entertainment space or a stage in a banquet room, depending on their performance. Some may be flexible, but others might be specific to what they want. Find out about this early enough to avoid last-minute stress.

5. Set-up

Ask about the amount of time they will need to set up their equipment. Ask whether the group can come early before the event begins so that they can comfortably set up. Also, find out if their set up will be a distraction to your guests. Having the right instruments like the best digital piano would be crucial for such an event.

6. Electricity

Establish whether they will need electricity and ports to connect their equipment. Inquire whether the venue will accommodate them if they come in with their equipment. Remember, a non-standard setup can be a possible fire hazard, don’t put your guests at fire risk.

7. Venue requirements

Some venues have specific requirements and restrictions. It might be that they are against the presence of animals or fire. The limitations that exist may be contradicted by your performer unknowingly. Find out about all the restrictions and whether they will impact you and your entertainer. I recently also purchased a lovely horse using HorseScout who have many excellent hoses for sale so have a look there if you are looking to buy.

8. Sign a contract

You should get a written contract or agreement from your entertainer. It should contain everything you have decided. It does not have to be too formal or lengthy. It ensures that both parties do their part and can be used in a court of law if one of you goes against the contract. Make sure you sign it and keep a copy with you.

9. Have a backup plan

Emergencies are bound to happen, and your entertainer may fail to turn up for one reason or the other. Do not leave your guests hanging. Nevertheless, have an alternative you can contact if the performer fails to show up for the event.

The entertainer may change the mood of the event and play the role of an ice breaker. Choose a performer that will add substance to your event and make it memorable. Make use of the above tips to select a suitable performer for your event.