What Funeral Home’s Look Like in 2021

Funeral homes continue to evolve and stay updated on the latest trends and advancements when it comes to their operations. In 2021, there are a few ways they’re changing to accommodate customers and improve the quality of their services. Here is what you can expect funeral homes to look like in 2021 to ensure you understand the different options that are available.

Advanced Digital Technology

One of the highlights of a funeral home in 2021 is personalization, which continues to be a growing trend to accommodate each customer and meet their needs. In 2021, a Funeral Live Stream Company can offer customers unique services that include Broadcast funeral services, digital slideshows, DVDs, and memorial videos to help remember and honor the loved one. These services can enhance the quality of the funeral and make it more sentimental by highlighting the individual and the memories they had with loved ones. Families will enjoy having keepsakes to take home after submitting photos and video footage to the funeral home.

Most funeral homes will also interact more with customers due to the pandemic to limit personal contact. The use of technology can make it easier to plan the arrangements quicker without visiting the funeral home in-person. You can submit requests on their website and view the options available with what they post online.

Cremation Services

An increasing number of people are choosing to cremate their loved ones because of cremation cost and the many benefits it offers, which has encouraged more funeral homes to offer the service. Cremation is a fraction of the cost of traditional burials and can offer flexibility with when the funeral is hosted. With cremation services, it’s also much easier and more cost-effective to transport the remains. The option is also ideal for those who have environmental concerns.

Aftercare Services

The best funeral homes know how challenging it can be to lose a family member or friend and that the grieving process doesn’t end right after the funeral. The most reputable funeral homes offer aftercare services to assist families who are in need of care and support. The services include counseling to ensure each person can heal and mourn in a healthy way without feeling alone in the process.

Green Funerals

More people are looking to reduce their carbon footprint with how they live, which includes the funerals they plan for loved ones who have recently passed away. Funeral homes are finding new ways to offer green funeral services, which include using recycled paper during the service or embalming the deceased individual with formaldehyde-free products.

Funeral homes will also offer flat grave markers or rocks instead of using traditional headstones. Green cemeteries are also becoming more common and are unique because they don’t allow vaults. Customers can also select biodegradable caskets for cemeteries that have sustainable landscaping.

Smaller Funerals

In 2021, it’s expected that funerals will continue to be smaller and more intimate with the number of guests who are invited because of the pandemic.  Social distancing and wearing masks will also continue to be practiced for the safety of everyone who attends the service. Chairs may be spaced out and some funerals may not include a post-funeral reception. The funerals may also be shorter and quicker as everyone attempts to limit their contact with one another at the gathering.

Understanding how funeral homes will look different in the new year will make it easier to prepare and know what to expect if you have to plan a funeral for a loved one. The accommodations provided by the funeral homes can offer more convenience and make it easier to make the necessary arrangements.