How to Improve Your Backyard Safety

There’s no denying that most people associate backyards with summer fun. They’re great outdoor spaces that are secure, private, and are enjoyable for your family and friends. They provide lots of entertainment, exercise, and relaxation.

However, the surprising truth about some people’s backyards is that they can be very dangerous places, especially for young children! As you can appreciate, you want to ensure that your backyard is as safe as reasonably possible.

Thankfully, there are some actionable steps you can take to improve your backyard safety. Take a look at the following suggestions for inspiration on what you can add to your backyard safety checks to-do list:

Establish Some Ground Rules

The sad truth is that over 200,000 kids end up in hospital ERs each year due to accidents involving playground equipment. Your backyard will undoubtedly feature some items commonly found in a typical playground, so it makes sense to lay down some ground rules.

Whether you’ve got several children or your offspring invites lots of friends over for playtime, you need to enforce specific rules like no chasing, pushing, or misusing any playground equipment.

Conduct a Risk Analysis of Your Backyard

One fundamental thing you should do is carry out a risk analysis of your backyard. Are there any potential hazards like chemicals or garden tools lying around and within easy reach of any children?

If so, you need to ensure those items get locked away out of sight and without being in easy reach of curious young minds.

Ensure Kids Are Always Supervised

It goes without saying that children must never be unsupervised in your backyard under any circumstances. The problem with kids, especially the younger ones, is they seldom recognize the signs of danger or dangerous situations. In addition, pet owners are encouraged to have a dog fencing installation in their backyard for the safety of their pets.

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Upgrade Your Fences and Gates

Does your existing fencing and gates look like they’re about to break off at the slightest gust of wind? If so, now’s the time to improve your protection and privacy by hiring a trenching company for the proper foundation of your fences and gates. Consider opting for fences fitted by a fence installer with self-closing gates as an added security measure.

You should also check that the fences and security gates you use don’t allow small children to slip through any gaps and go unnoticed easily. Make sure to get a fence repair whenever you notice that there are any holes in your fence so you ensure that your backyard is completely safe.

Improve Your Swimming Pool Security

If you’ve got a swimming pool, there are some steps you can take to improve its safety and security. For example, have a pool contractor install a sturdy pool cover that you can use when no one is doing any swimming.

Do you have an enclosed pool area? If so, ensure all doors and windows get locked to prevent any children from entering the pool room without your knowledge.

Fix Any Broken Paths

If you have any broken paths in your backyard, take immediate steps to have them repaired or, even better, replaced with soft surfaces that minimize bodily impact damage.

Get Rid of Your Trampoline

Lastly, if you have a trampoline, get rid of it. Trampolines often cause injuries to youngsters, and even the American Academy of Pediatrics strongly discourages their use in a home setting.