How To Increase The Number of Visitors To Your Blog

If you are looking for how to increase the number of visitors to your blog each month, you’ve come to the right place. Writing quality content doesn’t always mean you’re going to get lots of organic traffic to your blog, especially right off the bat. Running a blog is no easy feat, and increasing organic traffic can take time, but here are five top tips for business owners looking to boost their blog traffic this year.

5 Tips for Increasing the Number of Visitors To Your Blog

There are many different viable methods for increasing blog traffic for businesses. We talked to several businesses with experience running blogs to get their best advice. Here is what they had to share about their experience increasing organic traffic. 

One way to increase the number of visitors to your blog is to build backlinks. Backlinks are when another domain links back to a page or blog post on your website. A representative from LendThrive, an online lender, says, “Working with an agency to acquire quality backlinks has helped us increase organic traffic to our blog.” You can work with an agency for Digital PR or spearhead efforts yourself by reaching out to guest post on other blogs.

2. Use Relevant Target Keywords 

Search engine queries are likely the main traffic source for your blog. This means you need to create a content strategy and focus on using relevant keywords. A representative from Charter Capital, an equipment financing company shares, “Go for long-tail keywords. These keywords usually have less competition and can be tailored to people further down in the marketing funnel.” Use a high-quality keyword research tool like Ahrefs or Surfer to find keywords that your target audience is searching for.

3. Create an Email List

The Lash Professional suggests creating an email list by collecting users’ emails to send out newsletters with future blog posts attached. This way, people who are interested in your blog content never miss out when you publish a new piece. This is an excellent way to increase traffic to your blog by capitalizing on already-interested readers. Send out a weekly newsletter to your email subscribers and watch your traffic steadily rise!

4. Track Your Visitors on Google Analytics

Funding Circle, a small business loan provider, recommends using Google Analytics to track your organic traffic. This allows you to monitor your progress as well as see what specific posts are performing well. If you notice a particular post getting lots of organic traffic, evaluate the format, keyword density, and headings to see what worked well. Then you can replicate what worked well with your target audience. You also can use Google Analytics to see what blog posts could benefit from an update. 

The design team at Alisha Taylor Interiors focuses on implementing an internal linking strategy to keep visitors on their site for longer periods. Add internal links to your new and previous blog posts to connect relevant pages. This passes link equity, decreases bounce rates, and allows readers to find more information pertaining to their interests. Be sure to use appropriate anchor text when adding internal links to your blog posts. Avoid generic anchor text such as “click here” and instead use descriptive language. 

By writing quality content and using these five tips, you can increase the number of visitors to your blog. We hope this article helped you learn about ways to increase organic traffic and grow your business. Growing your blog traffic comes with time and consistent effort, so keep producing valuable evergreen content to see results.