How To Keep Your Family Safe This Winter

Row of happy man, woman and their daughter in winterwear laughing

Winter is an excellent time of the year, the holiday season is just around the corner and families get together to have fun and make fond memories. Winter is also a time to put safety right to the top of your priority list – whether you’re at home or in the car. 

This is because road accidents and fatalities also increase, and according to Policy Advice, 17% of all car crashes happen during the winter. According to a study by Munich RE, winter storms accounted for $2.1 billion in insured losses in 2019, which was, fortunately, better than the $3 billion in 2018. 

If these stats are anything to go by, taking steps to protect your family (both in and out of your home) should be on your to-do list. Here are some ways to keep you and your family safe this winter.

Check and Replace Old Tires

Given the statistics on winter car crashes, it is crucial that you thoroughly check your car and make sure it is in good condition for use during the season. In a breakdown of the stats, it was revealed that old and worn out tires contributed the most to these crashes. 

When tires wear out, they lose their grip and in wintry conditions makes it very easy to skid. Other factors included brake failure and visibility. Therefore, check and replace tires to prevent any unfortunate incidents.

Upgrade Your Water Heater

One of the essentials you will depend on this winter season is your water heater as it provides a welcoming warmth from the harsh cold. If it malfunctions, a trusted company like Western Rooter & Plumbing services are filled with the best local los angeles plumbers are just around to extend their expertise! Because if not with them, you will end up having to use a kettle to get some warm water until the water heater repair is done.

If you are looking for a heater in the UK have a look at this excellent heaters web site as it’s so easy to find the right heater there.

Water heaters can leak and cause carbon monoxide poisoning, which will affect the quality of air in your home and may pose health implications. So have your water heater regularly inspected by your local water heater company such as West LA water heater company if you live in West LA. You can also save money on your gas bill by replacing your faulty water heater.

Don’t forget about your home’s heating system. Make sure that proper heating maintenance is done to avoid any breakdowns in the middle of the winter.

Be Prepared

So many things can go wrong, from power outages to car crashes. Therefore, prepare the family for weather or accident-related emergencies. You can do so by contacting a snow removal company and keeping yourself updated on the weather at all times. You can also have a generator installation done by experts at so you can have standby power available, but installed outside of the house to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning. Not every powermate pm2000i inverter generator is created equal. Do your homework before purchasing one. However, if you’re looking for a portable generator that can also double as a home backup generator, you may consider purchasing one online from a trusted company like Enstorageinc.

Make sure your phone is fully charged and have a power bank on standby. Also, purchase a lot of batteries and have battery-operated devices such as a flashlight, weather radio, and lamps.

Make sure that you have a well-stocked first-aid kit at hand with extra medicine, and have food that needs no cooking or refrigeration. Turn on your CO detector and keep all smoke emitting equipment such as generators and camp stoves away from habitable areas. When traveling, make sure you prepare for possible worst-case scenarios and act accordingly.

Observe COVID-19 Protocols and Celebrate with Video Conferencing

This winter season brings its unique challenges as Covid-19 continues to wreak havoc globally. It is best to continue to observe the protocols put in place to battle this pandemic. 

You can enjoy the holiday season with your family by joining the celebration virtually via skype or zoom. Even though it comes at a challenging time where existing traditions revolve around gatherings consider shrinking your social bubble by limiting your social contacts or if needed using hand sanitiser whenever around others or in public.

Get Professional Help With Hanging Christmas Lights

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to put up decorations by yourself. But a lot of people get injured putting up lights every year simply because they refused to get professional help. 

Save yourself the time and pain of spending the holiday season at the hospital. Also get professionals for other jobs such as installing weather stripping, insulation, and fixing storm and hurricane windows.

Go Plastic

There’s an ongoing debate surrounding the sustainability of the custom of bringing home a Christmas tree to signify the start of the holiday season. Statistics indicate that over seven million Christmas trees are purchased and discarded in the US during the holiday season. Additionally, it takes six to seven years to grow one Christmas tree. 

Unfortunately, this does not paint a good picture for the future of real Christmas trees. This is one of the reasons why you should consider investing in a plastic Christmas tree. Sure, there have been arguments about carbon prints, but that is quickly taken care of as you can use a plastic tree for years, unlike the real ones that die and have to be discarded. 

Another factor to keep in mind is that a plastic tree will not accidentally catch fire and burn down half of your house. By going plastic, you can make a Christmas tree a permanent addition to the decorations, without the hassle of buying one every year.

Safety should not be compromised, especially during the season that is to be enjoyed with family. Make a point to follow this guide to keep your family safe. Consider the above points to keep your whole family safe while having a good time.