How to Make Sure Your Baby Gets Good Sleep

Your baby has reached the age where he or she can spend the night in his or her own bed. When you successfully transition your baby out of your room and into his or her own, it is important to make sure that baby gets good sleep. Here are six ways how:

  1. Baby should go to bed at the same time every night, which would include during the week and on weekends. It’s recommended to put the baby down for an early-to-mid evening nap everyday. If the baby doesn’t get enough sleep during the day, he or she will likely stay awake longer at night. 
  1. Keep the baby’s bedroom dark (not completely black), quiet, and cool. Make sure you don’t turn on too many lights because light can make it difficult for a baby to fall asleep. You can install blackout curtains to create a calming environment. It would also help if you provide him/her with a comfortable woven baby moses bassinet.
  1. Babies should sleep in a sleep suit or wear baby pajamas for easy diaper changes and an overall comfortable baby experience while sleeping. If your baby is wearing just a diaper, he or she will wriggle and chub up during the night, which can lead to discomfort while trying to sleep. You’ll also be able to quickly change the baby’s diaper if necessary while he or she remains sleeping.
  1. Use baby soothers or white noise to help the baby fall asleep, especially when transitioning the baby onto his or her own sleeping routine. If a baby is used to falling asleep while sucking on a pacifier or listening to soothing music, chances are the baby is going to use these items during sleep even after leaving your room and moving into his or her own space.
  1. Give your baby a bath before bedtime. Bathing relaxes the baby and will make it easier for him or her to fall asleep when it’s time for bed. Make sure when bathing the baby to avoid using any harsh soap that can potentially dry out the baby’s skin. You can try using lavender oil in the bathtub as it has a calming scent.
  1. Read a bedtime story to your baby. This will help the baby associate bedtime with a calming and relaxing experience. Choose a story that’s not too long, so the baby doesn’t get overwhelmed and becomes overtired.

Finally, you need to ensure that there’s comfortable temperature in your baby’s room so an hvac unit needs to be installed in your baby’s room. Have your ac unit serviced by a residential ac repair technician to avoid ac breakdowns. These are just some of many ways on how to make sure your baby gets good sleep when transitioning him or her out of your bedroom. Remember these tips whenever a baby starts sleeping through the night because he or she will certainly thank you later.