How the Right Internal Balustrades Make your Home Stand Out

Most homes have internal balustrades. If you have more than one level then you’ll have stairs to get between the levels. This is efficient and effective but carries a risk, stairs mean height and that means a greater risk of injury if you fall. The solution is to use balusters, that’s a post that rises from the staircase to a specified height. Several balusters are joined together and called a balustrade.

That’s the definition of an internal balustrade and it creates a safety barrier, preventing users from falling and injuring themselves.

It should be noted that there are strict rules regarding the height and gaps of balustrades, when choosing your preferred options you need to adhere to these rules.

Balustrade designs

Before you can choose which balustrade will help your home stand out, you need to appreciate the array of balustrade designs available. The best way to do this is to talk to professionals like expert metal fabrication services and review pictures to see which balustrades you think will look right in your home. There are several types worth considering:

Floor to Ceiling

If you want to create an eye-catching look and still allow some light to filter down the stairs then it’s worth considering floor to ceiling balusters. In effect, these are individual posts, usually made of wood or metal, that rise from the floor to the ceiling, effectively screening the stairs while providing safety. FastMetals carries metal pipe products.

The effect is generally striking and draws attention to the stairs.

Solid Panels

Another option is to use solid panels. If they are made out of wood they can offer a traditional feel. But, use glass panels and the balustrade becomes nearly invisible. This places the focus on the stairs which is great if you have chosen a stylish set of stairs.

Solid glass panels are very safe and they allow the light through. This can help to transform the space downstairs and make it feel much larger and brighter.

Traditional Style

The traditional style of balusters with a handrail sat across the top of them. Although traditional, you can select from a wide array of baluster styles. This includes straight designs and ones that are delightfully twisted and curved.

This ensures you decide whether the focus is on the balustrade or the stairs.

Standing Out

Any balustrade that is different from the normal offerings will stand out. That makes it an attention grabber and a great way to ensure your home stands out in people’s minds.

But, it’s not just the look of the balustrade that matters. The color can also make a big difference. You should note, even glass balustrades can be frosted or tinted in a specific color. It’s this that can transform a standard staircase and home into something magical, which could be great if you’re planning to sell it as you can also find services like we buy houses in denver co that help you in this area.

The key is to decide which points of your home you wish to accentuate. You can then choose balustrades that lead people’s eyes to these points. If you’re unsure then make the balustrade the talking feature. If not, keep it traditional and ensure it directs people toward what you really want them to see. It’s all about the lighting.