How to Put a Lid on Your First Date Jitters: Top Tips for Nerves

First date jitters are a real thing that most of us experience. There are so many new and exciting and sometimes even a little bit scary events that could occur and we just can’t stop thinking about it. But, we must find a way to calm down so we can actually enjoy ourselves and get to know the people we’re dating at a personal level. You can also easily find no strings sex online in the UK as there are loads of naughty women looking for hot fun on the adult dating sites.

Whether you’re preparing for your very first date or your one hundredth, this post is designed for you. We’re going to break down several things you can do to keep your eye on the prize, so to speak, so that you can figure out if this could be love, friendship, or a waste of your fine time.

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How to Overcome First Date Jitters

First date nerves are inevitable. Whether they last a few seconds or weeks before the scheduled event, you need to be prepared for how you’re going to handle yourself so you can get out there and have some fun!

Let’s get started.

Manage Your Stress Levels 

We’re all stressed about something, but if you’re too nervous for a date it could get in the way of a budding relationship with the love of your life. After all, that’s why you’re nervous in the first place. The key is to not allow it to take control of your mind and spirit. 

What to do to break down the walls of anxiety?

Play Some Music

Music is soothing for the soul. And, with this in mind, it has positive effects on stress.

Make some time ahead of the scheduled date to create a playlist that you’ll love. Focus on that playlist the day of and while you’re getting ready and your mind will automatically be at ease. You won’t have time to think about the jitters because you’ll be jammin’ the tunes that get you through your hardest moments in life.

Be Mindful 

Stop thinking! Just let your mind relax and don’t worry about what could go wrong (or right). Just prepare to let what will happen, happen and you’ll be much more relaxed. Take a few minutes to meditate before the date so that your body feels rested and ready to tackle whatever comes your way.

Hit the Gym

Getting the ole muscles and joints worked up for at least 30 minutes will ease tension in your body and give you something else to focus on. Plus, you’ll feel great when it’s over and that will help you exude confidence.


Don’t have time to meditate? Just breathe. Take 5 or 10 deep breaths and really feel the air entering and escaping your lungs. Breathing deeply not only helps you focus on the important things that matter but also relaxes your body so you can quite literally shake off the nerves.

Prepare for Friendship, First

Don’t put too much stock into the whole idea of love at first sight. Make plans that you would make with your bestie and let it go from there. The best lovers are also the best of friends.

Don’t Share Your Date With Others

If you’re really nervous before your date, don’t share your plans and ideas about it with too many people. They will only have multitudes of advice that will make you think more about it, which inevitably will make you more nervous. Keep it private and you’ll feel better going in.

Take Yourself on a Date Beforehand 

One of the scariest things about a first date is figuring out what to wear. So, why not take yourself on a date before you go on a date? Get dressed and take yourself somewhere special so you can get the wardrobe plans out of the way before the big day. 

Plan Something Fun

Try to stay away from the classic ‘dinner and drinks’ and plan something more intellectual or inspiring. Something fun that most people enjoy is fine, but if you both have a particular interest, like art, for example, go to a museum or bookstore. Not only will you learn more about each other but you’ll feel more in your element.

Make It Short and Sweet

Keep it simple. Make yourself a curfew so you don’t overdo things the first time you spend time with your date. It’s always good to leave something left to be desired anyway.

Know What Scares You or Makes You Uncomfortable 

If you don’t like motorcycles and your potential date is a biker, make sure they know not to show up with an extra helmet in hand. Be confident about who you are and what you like or dislike so your date can respect your feelings and you can respect theirs. 

Focus On Your Date

Don’t worry so much about yourself! Your date will be right in front of you the whole time. You’ll have plenty of questions to ask and so will they. You don’t have to worry about knowing the answer to everything before they ask or trying to figure out what they’re going to say.

Be Yourself!

Above all, just be yourself. If you’re introverted and quiet, let your date know upfront so they know what to expect from you. Don’t try to be someone you’re not just because you think that’s what they want.

Don’t Invest Too Much Energy in the Outcome

Of course, you’re nervous about the first date because you wonder where you and your date will end up in the future. Don’t think about this. Just let the day or evening flow as it will and see if there will be a second date at the end. No need to make more plans just yet.

Remember, Your Date Is Nervous, Too

The important thing to remember is that everybody gets the first date jitters including the person you’re planning a date with. So, don’t get too caught up in the idea of the date and just go, do your thing, and take the time to reflect on it later. Your date will appreciate it and you’ll feel proud of yourself in the end which will boost your comfort for the next date.

We hope you found this post helpful. Stop back when you need more tips about life, love, and everything in between.